I received  two little packets of  TRUVIA and I just wanted to read more about it and do a little research. I have not been paid to review this or to promote this. I just wanted to look up what it is and if its good or not.

I’ve tried Stevia before and I didn’t like it. I used it in liquid form and also used another powder form. I didn’t like the aftertaste. It has a metallic taste just like aspartame aftertaste in the mouth. YUCK!


I tried the TRUVIA packet in my coffee this morning and one packet in my tea. NOT a fan of it. It has an aftertaste and it lingers, it also bloated me a lot! To be honest I will NOT be buying this product. It is not 100% natural it IS CHEMICALLY REFINED!

If you want true Stevia, just have a stevia plant at home where you can cut a little of the leaves and add it to your drink. Or dry the leaves and add it to your drink. Here is a great blog with a couple of articles.


also this article:

I’m not a fan of sweeteners. I think we should all stay away from sweeteners.

I am working hard not to use SUGAR and SWEETENERS and replacing them with raw honey, coconut sugar and 100% Canadian Maple Syrup!  I think that’s a good idea eh? 😀

Especially 100% Real Canadian Maple Syrup! YUMMY!

Thank you