Love Blush!

There are so many beautiful blushes out there and so many shades. Some bother my skin because I have sensitive skin. The ones that I’m about to show you are very beautiful and not harsh on my skin.  I really love them and a little goes a long way. I really love the warm tones like peach but also love the pink tones as well. It really depends on the look that i’m going for that day or night. I go a little darker in the evening if I go out. But during the day I like to keep it fresh and light. Here are my favourite blushes so far.

Hard Candy 125 Living Doll. It’s light and perfect. It gives a natural dusty pink glow. I love the formula. It does not irritate my skin. Beside Hard Candy is Essence Blushes. I love them both and a little goes a long way. The two that I have are top right 60 Life’s A Cherry. It’s bright, pigmented, blends very easily and will give you a healthy look.  Bottom Right Essence 80 Autumn Peach. A beautiful peach colour and will give you peachy cheeks. Bottom left is now my most loved and its from Annabelle Cosmetics and it is Hibiscus. You should have a look at all the blushes Annabelle Cosmetics has! omg have a look at the LOTUS! I’m in love!

All these will give you a fresh and radiant look!

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

I would love to know what your favourite blushes are!

Thank you!

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