Maybelline Palettes  #bornwithit

I just wanted to show you the beautiful Maybelline palettes that are out. They are beautiful and very affordable. I really love the packaging and how elegant they look. I like that I can mix and create many looks!  Maybelline has a new palette coming out next month that I’m super excited to purchase. It’s THE BRIGHTS palette. I truly hope the formula is good with THE BRIGHTS palette. When creating a bold and bright eyeshadow the formula/powder has to be very pigmented to hold the bold, bright pop of colour. I truly hope it will be pigmented!

Here is a look at the two palettes.


A closer look…


A closer look…


Here is the swatch for The Nudes palette. I had to swipe three times for this swatch. Even though it took three swipes for each swatch, I really like the fact that I can build the shadows to be more deep and dramatic if I like. Fallout from this palette is not a problem. I love that it has shimmery and matte shadows. Really beautiful mix and worth it!

closer look…


The Smokes palette had fallout and also took three swipes to build the colours. The three swipes didn’t bother me as much as the fallout. It’s not as good as THE NUDES Palette when it comes down to formula and pigmentation but still nice to work with.

A closer look…

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you have these palettes and how do you like them? Do you have the BRIGHTS Palette?


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