The Brights Palette from Maybelline -Review 

  Yesterday morning I rushed out to buy THE BRIGHTS palette from Maybelline. It just came out yesterday! Yay!  I went to pay for it and the cashier started scratching it against the scanner! The scratching sounded like nails on a blackboard! I was like “noooooo!” I told him he has to be more gentle with makeup. lol

I looked at the back of the palette and then he said “did it get scratched?”I felt like saying “WHAT DO YOU THINK?” but I was kind and  I looked at him and said “I’m going to go get another one” so everything was fine.

I’m very particular about keeping my palettes clean and unscratched. I clean my palettes after each use.  Lol Enough about my experience purchasing this palette and lets get to the review. 

 Is it worth it to spend $17.99 for this palette? 

Here is how I feel about “THE BRIGHTS” palette: I love the exterior and the packaging is great! It’s a bit heavy and thick but nice and elegant looking. I was really excited about the swatches and I wasn’t disappointed! It took three swipes to create my swatches which is fine with me because I like to build the colours for a more dramatic look. The formula is great! Not that much fallout, the pigmentation is good, the shadows are smooth and blend very easily.

I’m very happy with this palette! I’m going to totally enjoy this palette this Spring and Summer! I really recomend it! Get it now before they are sold out! 


 I made three swatches for each. 

This is the Top part of the palette.

  This is the bottom part of palette.  

Click here for the –>NUDES AND SMOKES REVIEW

I will be doing three looks with the three palettes soon.

Thank you for reading my review! Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts about it? Do you have the other two palettes? 

I would love to hear your thoughts. 

*I have not been paid to review the products mentioned in this post. 

*my opinions expressed are 100% honest 

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