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Today I wanted to share with you the Wet n Wild Cosmetics that I have along with a look that I’ve created. I will show you everything that I’ve used for this smokey eye look.

I used the following:

The new Wet n Wild Coverall Corrective Palette which I put on before my foundation.

This little palette is amazing and I totally recommend it.

The purple is to (NORMALIZE)- cover yellow spots on your face.

The green is to (NEUTRALIZE)  -cover red spots on the face.

The yellow is to (COVER) -covers up purple spots on the face and works amazing under the eyes!

The white is to (HIGHLIGHT) amazing highlighter!

I really love this palette! It totally worked for me especially under the eyes!

  Here I blended it out a bit so you can see how it looks.


Before the eyeshadow I added  656A White eyeliner then I added my eyeshadows.

Here are the shadows I used:

First I used 252C Nutty all over my eyelids. ( I am in love with this eyeshadow.)

Then I used the black shadow mostly on the outside corner of the eyes.

I added white on top of the black to lighten it up.

I added the lovely glittery single eyeshadows with my fingers. The glittery single eyeshadows apply better with your fingers. 351B Bleached and 352B Brass.

 I then used eyeliner in 651 Black Black.



 Wet n Wild Mega Plump Double Threat Mascara! I really love how this mascara is double sided. I like the little brush for the lower lashes. The formula is great and it didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. It gave my lashes length and volume.

Here I have three swatches. Look how pigmented they are! The Blush is so amazing and it picks up a lot! Dab it on your wrist first before you put it directly on your cheeks. It’s better to build then to put on too much.

The blush is 834E Berry Shimmer

Lipgloss is Mega Slicks 568 Bronze Berry

Lipstick is 901B Think Pink  

  I also added a little Glassy Gloss. I really love this glassy gloss and it smells so good.

I recently won these beautiful brushes from a lovely beauty blogger Julie. Thank you Julie! Have a look at her beautiful blog: swatchandreview.com 

These brushes are amazing to have in your collection.   

So that is what I used to create the look. I hope you enjoyed my post and let me know your thoughts. Do you have Wet n Wild Cosmetics? What Wet n Wild Cosmetics are your favourites? I would love to know. Thank you so much for being here. Please feel free to click the share button and comment! I appreciate your support.

*I have not been paid to write this post

* All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

8 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Cosmetics – One Brand Makeup Look

  1. Love it! Do you have any of their matte lipsticks? I adore mattes and want to know what they are like before I buy them since no where in my town sells Wet n Wild. I think it is one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. I wasn’t a big fan of the glittery single shadows though, I found them hard to work with.

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  2. Hi Brenda! I have two lipsticks but not sure if it’s the matte. They feel very matte. Lol I’m not that big on matte because I find they are dry. But I add lipgloss and lipglass and it is amazing. The glittery singles are best applied over the eyeshadow using a dabbing movement with your finger. 🙂 thank you for your comment.


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