Follow Your Heart

“My most important piece of advice is to follow your heart in life” -Dave Lackie 

I recently won beautiful luxurious products from Dave Lackie and I’m truly grateful! 


Dave Lackie is the Editor of BEAUTY the guide & Cityline beauty correspondent. Also a Style writer for the National Post newspaper! He is inspiring. I follow him on Twitter, his blog and on Cityline.  He has many giveaways and is so kind and sweet. 

I really enjoy his articles and his posts. I especially love his post about having a career in the beauty industry. The article is really inspiring and motivating.

I think he should write a book! He is so inspiring and I’m sure he has many stories he can share. I’m truly grateful for winning and you can too by following his Twitter and his email subscription on his blog.

Twitter and IG @davelackie

Here is what I won! I’m truly grateful! Seriously Happy and grateful. Thank you Dave! 

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Thank you so much to Dave Lackie, I really love everything! 

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