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Hello my lovely readers! I’m so happy to share this look with you. I truly love how bright and fun this look can be. I love the turquoise colour in the ‘Brights Palette’ by Maybelline .  So many possibilities with this beautiful palette. For a full review on this palette click here: THE BRIGHTS PALETTE REVIEW

I’m loving the Wonder Perfect Mascara by Clarins its really amazing and I love the long wand and the formula is wonderful. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.  The brush really elongates my lashes and doesn’t clump. Clarins  3-Dot Liner is amazing. I’ve been using it everyday to create depth to my lashes. I’m a huge fan of both. 

The tint in Gelato CR O1 Blood Orange from Shu Uemura

The tint in Gelato CR O1 Blood Orange from Shu Uemura can be used for the lips and the cheeks! I’m in love with it because it doesn’t feel dry.  I added a beautiful lip liner from Annabelle Cosmetics in “Strike a Rose” the colour of the lip liner with  the tint created such dimension! 

I really love this stain and would love to own all of them! It applied so easily on the cheeks too! I dabbed it with the soft applicator and used my fingers to blend. It blended so smoothly, distributed easily and evenly.

Here you can see the tint on my cheeks and at the center of my lips. The light reflects off the tint creating a duo tone.  Pretty bold and I love it!

3-Dot Liner from Clarins is brilliant! The liner fills the space in between my eyelashes to give more depth and length.  I have sensitive eyes and this doesn’t bother my eyes at all. I really love it! For the review click here: 3-Dot Liner REVIEW.


Here is a portrait of me with everything I used.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. What are your thoughts about this palette? Have you tried other Shu Uemura products? They are intriguing and I totally want to try more of their beauty products!

Thank you so much!

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