LAMPE BERGER PARIS- Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Set

bestdaybloggerA  Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Set!bestdayblogger

Thank you to Lampe Berger Canada for the Gift Set Plissée! The Lamp comes in two styles, red and clear. I received the clear lamp and I’m in love with it!

I really feel that this is a sexy, elegant and beautiful lamp!  “The Plissée Lamp in transparent glass. A glamorous and feminine, fashion-inspired lamp with decorative relief reminiscent of the pleated dresses of the 1950s. The home fragrance Sensual bouquet, an ultra-feminine and voluptuous flowery fragrance. Lamp sold in a box, with 1 catalytic burner, 1 stopper and 1 funnel.” -Lampe Berger Website

Stunning! I’m obsessed with the Plissee Lamp and the scent SENSUAL BOUQUET  has hints of Apricot, Cut Grass, Rose, Lily of the Valley and Musk!  It’s so sweet, floral and musky at the same time. Just amazing!

Here is the lovely Plissée Lamp amongst my makeup.

It looks so pretty and beautiful!
Very glamorous, elegant and stunning!  The scent SENSUAL BOUQUET is amazingly sweet and floral.  “A flowery fragrance, extremely feminine…A modern bouquet of flowers, a provocative trail of fragrance, symbolizing charm and seduction, like a glamorous film star.”

-Lampe Berger Website   This would make a a perfect gift!

It’s beautiful, elegant and stunning. I know I said that already but that’s how excited I am to have this beauty in my home!

Truly   a m a z i n g!


Very beautiful and perfect for Mother’s Day!

Thank you all and have a beautiful and wonderful Mother’s Day!

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