Birthday Haul!

Best Day Blogger

Thank you all for your wishes, comments and tweets on my Birthday!

I truly appreciate it!

I had a lovely Birthday with my family. Very special day.

Thank you all again!

I had a lovely breakfast with my family and then I went to the mall with my eldest daughter for some mommy and daughter time.

We had amazing ice cream from Laura Secord.  My daughter always loves the “super kid” which is a rainbow fruity flavoured one and I had the Pistachio Almond Ice cream. I loved it!

I bought a book from the Garden Center.


I purchased two Essie nail polishes.

One is ballet slippers and the other is watermelon.


Hubby bought me the best macarons in the world!

from Nadege Patisserie

If you feel your Macarons are better then Nadege, challenge me!

Send me a box and I’ll review them! 😉  hahaha im not joking…lol


I bought a cute, bold and bright palette from wet n wild.

391 A Art In The Streets

How beautiful is this!!!!

So bright and it just makes me so happy!

Trying out Simple eye makeup remover.

I had to try my first MILANI lipstick.

This is in the Color 24 Violet

David’s Teas

A day at the Spa!

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The T-shirt in the picture below is from Aeropostale


That’s my Birthday Haul! 🙂

Thank you for reading and come back to see my April Favourites!


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