Real Techniques -202 Angled Liner – Bold Metals Collection

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I received the 202 Angled Liner from Real Techniques right before my Birthday in April. A very special gift for being a supportive fan of Real Techniques.  Thank you so much to Real Techniques.They have a new collection called Bold Metals Collection. I’m going to talk about 202 Angled Liner Brush because that’s the one that I received and practiced with.

I’m getting better at doing my eyeliner and now that I have this brush it’s so much easier.  More fun and easy! You can also use the brush for the eyebrows. I also love that it’s weighted and it feels very elegant and luxurious.

The brush is soft yet firm. It’s Angled perfectly.  It doesn’t tug at the skin around the eye. When the product is on the brush it glides on nicely and evenly. The handle is weighted which allows perfect control. This brush works really well with gel and cream eyeliner.

I really love  the way this brush looks and feels. It helps me create the perfect wings. I like that I have more control because of the weight of the brush. I also love the length of the 202 brush. It feels very elegant and it looks elegant too.
  Here is another look at the liner on my eyes. I wanted a thinner line on the top and a little thinker at the ends.

  Because of the angle of the brush I can create little curves going up with ease!Thank you to Real Techniques for the beautiful 202 Angled Liner from the Bold Metals Collection. I truly love it!

Thank you! 

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