May Favourites 2015

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  Hello my lovely readers!

The month of May has flown by so fast. I’m really happy to share with you a few products I used a lot in May. May was more about relaxing and helping my body deal with stress. I only wore makeup three times and in those three times I used three beautiful beauty brushes that I really enjoy. I’ll be sharing with you all these beautiful and amazing products that helped me de-stress a lot!

Here is everything I love and used in May!

I love the way it smells and especially the way it moisturizes my skin. I love Olay Products and Olay really works so nicely with my skin.

I spray this three times during the day so I can calm down from being a busy mommy and running around. This helps to calm my nerves and gives me a minute to breathe and meditate. I love this facial spray!

So amazing! Smells so good I want to eat it! At the end of the day when the kids are in bed I use Montagne Jeunesse Masks. They are perfect to De-Stress! If you like have a look at my full *REVIEW*

The Aveeno has SPF 30 which is very important for my skin. I don’t want any sun damage to my skin so I find that a face cream with SPF is very important.

*The Touch of Silver Shampoo has helped my hair so much. To read a full review have a look:  *REVIEW*

I have coloured hair and some white hair which has changed the texture of my hair. This shampoo has helped revive my hair colour and also has made the texture of my hair really beautiful.  So excited that I received a shampoo and conditioner from Farleyco Beauty yesterday and I’ll be reviewing them soon! Full review will be available at the end of June.

*I’ve been using the ECO CHIC Movement Lip balm a lot this month. I have a full review if you would like to check it out.* REVIEW* I really love this lip balm and its the best lip balm that I’ve come across so far. It’s really hydrating, natural and organic. It truly hydrates my lips and moisturizes. My dry chapped lips are no longer cracked and chapped. I love the smell. It smells of natural ingredients and this is my new love! I should say addiction and obsession!

*This has saved my heels! I have dry and cracked heels and Flexitol heel balm has helped my heels from painful cracks. I can now wear summer sandals and flip flops without feeling pain. I apply this at night and put on my socks right away. My heels are ready by morning! I received this from Farleyco Beauty and I’m truly grateful. I have a full review if you would like to read it. *REVIEW*

I’ve been reaching for this little beauty everyday. Harvey Prince New York EAU FLING. It has a hint of lavender, blackcurrant, plumb, raspberry, apple, jasmine, nutmeg, cinnamon, musk and rare woods. Its very sensual and spicy.

My wonderful Coconut Candy has come to a complete end! I won a gift set of Odylique products from the lovely blogger Wendy Banner. She has a beautiful blog! You should check her out! I’ve finished this little magical beauty last month. It’s the best face scrub I’ve ever used in my life!! I’m so sad its finished! Odylique Coconut Candy scrub is so amazing and I’ve reviewed Odylique Products on my blog. If you like have a look at the *REVIEW*

*Here is the lovely Aveeno Fresh Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizing Cream. I use this every morning. I love that its hydrating, moisturizing and has SPF 30 to protect my skin from the sun.


I’m really enjoying the Olay White Strawberry and mint. Smells really lovely and its so hydrating. I love Olay products so much!

*This is a must must try! Montagne Jeunnesse Chocolate Masque is Amazing! If you are a chocolate lover and want to relax what better way then a Chocolate Facial mask! 😀 Try not to eat this my friends! It truly smells like a chocolate dessert! It feels so creamy and beautiful on the skin. Take a hot bath and put this mask on and lay back and take deep breaths! Honest to goodness your stress will be gone!

This is my favourite DE-STRESS  Product!

Here is yet another beautiful DE-STRESS product. I won a gift set from MIYU Teas & Beauty on IG. Thank you again to MIYU Teas & Beauty! I spray this morning, noon and night for stress relief.  MIYU Teas & Beauty DE-Stress MI Beauty Essential Face Mist has Peppermint, dandelion, ginger, licorice, and honeysuckle. Very good for your skin and relaxing too.

*I’ve also been using Eco Chic Peppermint Foot Cream every night. This beautiful foot cream helps with my sore and aching feet. It is hydrating and also the peppermint gives a cooling effect. This helps relieve stress so much and helps me sleep better.  The smell is so relaxing.   

*Here I have my family’s favourite body butter right now. Eco Chic Body butter is so hydrating and moisturizing. NO CHEMICALS! It is amazing and I highly recommend it. I’ve reviewed Eco Chic Movement products and If you would like have a look. *REVIEW*

Also if you use code: bestdayblogger on the website you receive a 15% discount!

*I do not get commission.

Last I used three brushes very often last month and I love them.

The Ecotools Eye Perfecting Brush. *REVIEW*

Real Techniques 202 Angled Liner from the Bold Metals Collection. *REVIEW*

Also the Deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques.

Thank you so much everyone for reading and comments are appreciated!


*I have not been paid to promote any of the products mentioned.
*Products Marked with an (*) Have been given to me prior for an honest review.
*All opinions expressed are honest and true.

5 thoughts on “May Favourites 2015

  1. Thank you for the wonderful shoutout, Maria! Your blog is lovely too. You always take great photos! I am so happy that you loved the Odylique product so much. If you need to reorder it or have your eyes on anything else, email me for my special Friends & Family Odylique discount code and I’ll be happy to share it with you. 🙂

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