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Hello Everyone! I’m so so excited to tell you about the New Summer Style Lamps from Lampe Berger Canada. Before we start If you don’t know anything about Lampe Berger have a look at my blog post about the HISTORY of Lampe Berger.

The lamps are so beautiful! The colours are perfect for Summer and so elegant! I love them! I can’t choose which colour is more beautiful as they go so perfectly together. The shape of the bottles are stunning and the gradation of the colour from the top to the bottom is so lovely!

Here we have the New PENTA Lamps!

This is the Blue 4452

Capacity: 260ml

Height: 13.5cm

Retails for $58.00

Available: 01/06/2015

4452_PENTA BLEUE_72DPI Here is the PENTA Lamp in Pink-4453

Shaded lacquering from the top down.

Thick base

Capacity: 260ml

Height: 13.5cm

Retails for $58.00

Available: 01/06/2015


I’m truly feeling tropical with the new scents Lampe Berger has come out with! I’m not taking a vacation this Summer but these will make me feel like I’m on the best vacation for sure!

Here is Summer Night


Perfumed with Ocean Breeze fragrance its a unique Lampe Berger diffusion method with an effective insecticidal formula for long-lasting elimination of mosquitos!!!!! YAY! Take this to your cottage people! Seriously! This is amazing! I know I would totally buy this for the Summer because mosquitos are everywhere and I’m not a fan of them!  who is? This would be perfect in any home because mosquitos get inside the home so easily.

Perfect for Summer!

Here is


Exotic Cocktail_500mland180ml

So here we have all of  my favourite scents in one! 😀 I can’t wait to try this! The EXOTIC COCKTAIL has head notes of  Pineapple, mandarin, orange. So Fresh! Coffee, coconut, rum heart notes and base notes of patchouli, vanilla and Musk! Smooth and suave! WOWZA! This sounds so amazing and I can’t wait to try it! ( I have this one and thank you to Lampe Berger Canada for the Sample.)

Here we have


Daring Pepper_500mland180ml

A beautiful combination! Spicy head notes of Black Pepper with Safron and Jasmine. Heart Notes of Raspberry, Violet and plum liqueur, base notes of Vetiver, Vanilla and Cordovan Leather.  Lampe Berger comes up with the best combinations ever! * I also have this from Lampe Berger Canada and I can’t wait to try this! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Comments are truly appreciated!

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*I’m a Brand Ambassador for Lampe Berger Canada and my posts and reviews are not sponsored. My Blog posts, updates and reviews from Lampe Berger Canada are all honest and true.  Thank you to Lampe Berger Canada for the Samples that I receive. I truly appreciate and love them! 🙂

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