#Vivastretch Vantage Paper Towels – Review 

I’ve received #Vivastretch paper towels to review from @influensterCA   

All opinions expressed are honest and true. I have not been paid.    
My daughters make a mess all day long. It’s either juice spills, paint spills, water spills and these #vivastretch towels are perfect for every kind of spill. I also use the #vivastretch towels for my spills too! I’m only human! Lol I always spill my coffee and tea! 

 I also use the #vivastretch towels for cleaning the glass and counter tops in my home. They are perfect because they are strong paper towels and very easy to work with as they don’t tear easily and are very absorbing! 


I also use #vivastretch towels for my makeup brushes! They are perfect to lay the brushes on and to let them dry.   
I highly recommend the #vivastretch towels for your home and workplace! The towels are very strong, absorbing and clean surfaces really well. They are perfect for Summer Parties also! 

Thank you to Influenster Canada for the #vivastretch towels! I’m truly amazed and satisfied! I’ll be purchasing these for sure! 

Thank you!