Plump No Clump Volume Mascara – Essence Cosmetics

banner appleHello my lovely readers! I wanted to talk about Essence Plump No Clump Volume Mascara! This is a beautiful mascara!  This mascara made my lashes fuller, plump with extreme volume and no clumps! I really love the formula and the best part is the brush. It’s firm and the bristles are perfectly spaced and grab on to the eyelashes perfectly. The bristles/tip is bendable and flexible in just the right way. The brush separates the lashes and this avoids clumping. The formula can be build upon to give you thickness and more plumpness to your lashes. Really amazing formula that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I love it!

I love all Essence mascaras! I will have a post following this one with all my Essence mascaras. They really work amazingly and are so affordable! Really great for making your lashes long, full and and plump! I will be using this mascara a lot this month!

  Have you tried Essence Cosmetics Mascaras? Which is your favourite?  I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you look for in a mascara. Is it length? is it volume? Both?

  Thank you so much!

*I received this mascara for review purposes. All opinions expressed are honest. I have not been paid.

Thank you!

One thought on “Plump No Clump Volume Mascara – Essence Cosmetics

  1. Oooh I wonder if this is like the CG Clump Crusher! I really like that mascara and Essence is about half the price of CG – will have to try this one. I’m usually more focused on mascaras that provide volume. I mean, I like length, don’t get me wrong, but volume edges it out slightly for me. 😉


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