Essence Cosmetics Lipsticks- Review and Swatches

Hello beautiful readers! Happy Monday!

Essence Cosmetics Lipstick cover

 Today I have swatches from Essence Cosmetics Lipsticks! I really love Essence Cosmetics Lipsticks because they are pretty, pigmented, soft, creamy and hydrating. They are also very affordable. Enjoy the video!

Here is my collection and I hope you enjoy the video as well. All your support is appreciated! If you like to see more videos Please click the Subscribe button and give the video a thumbs up! If you have any suggestions for other videos you would like to see let me know.  

13 Love Me
16 I am Yours!
12 Blush My lips
20 Get the Look
  01 Coral Calling

14 Adorable Matt!

04 On the Catwalk!

03 Dare to Wear

10 Cotton Candy

08 Colour Crush

07 Natural Beauty

09 Wear Berries!


From Left to Right

29  Cute Pink

31 Metal Shine

33 Fabulous Fuchsia

021 Red Blossom

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed the swatches and video. Do you have a favourite Lipstick or Lipgloss from Essence Cosmetics?

Let me know! Have a beautiful week!

* I have received the lip products from Essence Cosmetics for review purposes and I have NOT been paid. Opinions expressed are 100% honest and true. Thank you!