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Hello my lovely readers! I truly hope you are enjoying your Summer! What are some of your plans? Will you be travelling soon? Today I’m sharing with you a few amazing products that are important to carry with you when travelling and I believe they are truly essential for your travel bag. I highly recommend that you tag all your bags!  You never know if your bag will be misplaced or left behind.  This happens all the time and having a name tag for your luggage is very important. Have your name and address to your destination written on the label. It will also make things easier to find when you are picking up your luggage.  Sometimes  bags are similar to others and people sometimes take the wrong bag thinking it’s theirs. So use those tags!

Don’t forget to take sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner! They are small and perfect for traveling. You don’t want to make your bag heavy so go for sample size depending on how long you are staying at your destination. Sometimes hotels don’t have nice smelling shampoos. I am loving Baylis and Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit! Smells delicious and refreshing!

This is a MUST with my family. My children get their hands on everything and this  X3 Clean hand sanitizer is very important when traveling.  It is Alcohol-free, fragrance-free and residue-free. X3 Clean will not dry or irritate delicate skin. It is Non Toxic and very safe for children. I highly recommend this for everyone! It’s perfect for hand bags and you can tuck these in every pocket and bag.

Keep germs away with X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer!

@bestdayblogger  *X3 Clean Pocket-Sized Hand Sanitizer Available at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, IDA, Guardian, and Value Drug Mart Stores.

Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizer is so crucial when traveling! This is a clip for your toothbrush. It covers the toothbrush so that germs do not get on it and also it keeps the toothbrush fresh and clean. The Steripod toothbrush protector works by using “thyme active vapors” to keep your toothbrush smelling fresh and clean. The compound is encapsulated in plastic with small holes that allow the thymol vapors to escape and surround your brush bristles. It’s the vapors that do all the work. The entire steripod is sealed in medical quality enclosure-ensuring that the compound is not activated by air flow before you unwrap. All you have to do is clip the Steripod on your brush. Did you know that you should replace your toothbrush and Steripod every three months? Good tip to know!

*Available at: Select Walmart, Select IDA, Select Guardian, and Select Pharmasave Stores.

The COLAB VOLUME EXTREME is very important to have in my travel bag. I also use this often at home when I don’t have time to wash my hair. I also use this to  give my hair some boost and volume. This is the only Dry Shampoo that I use. COLAB Volume Extreme was developed to revive and refresh hair and it totally does! This is sheer and invisible formula that gives lots of volume to my hair. It refreshes my roots and the powder really plumps my hair and and gives it a lift and texture. If you want big hair this will give you the ultimate big hair boost you need! I also would like to mention that it smells so good and refreshing!

*Available at London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Lawtons, Select Pharmasave, PharmaChoice, Select Brunet, Select Familiprix, Select Guardian, Select IDA and select Uniprix Stores.

Why didn’t I know about this product before? I can’t express how amazing The Velvet Touch Natural Hair Remover is! The Velvet Touch Natural hair remover is perfect to have in your travel bag. You know when you shave your legs and sometimes you miss some hairs? I do it all the time!  This is perfect for getting rid of those pesky missed hairs! This is also amazing for the little stubble comes back and you don’t feel like shaving. This is perfect because its gentle and it will get rid of the stubble and the hairs you missed. You just work it in a circular motion and you are left with smooth soft skin. This is gentle on the skin and I really love it! 

   Velvet Touch is Available at Select Walmart, Select Rexall, Jean Coutu, Select Lawtons, Select Pharma Plus, Select London Drugs, Select IDA, Select Guardian, Select Proxim, Value Drug Mart, Overwaitea and Army & Navy Stores.

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* All the products in this post have been provided by Farleyco Beauty for review purposes. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. I have NOT been paid for this post.  Thank you so much to Farleyco Beauty!

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