Bio Seaweed Gel – Review 

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Hello my lovely beautiful readers! I’ve got an exciting post for you today! I reached out to Bio Seaweed Gel because the products intrigued me so much! I was so curious and interested in learning more about Bio Seaweed Gel and what its all about.

 Bio Seaweed Gel is a professional nail care and beauty product. It’s a pure gel formula that goes on smoothly and is self-levelling with no shrinkage. It’s designed for weeks of chip-free, high shine wear. It is cured with LED/UV/SOLAR lamp but this NEW collection UNITY ALL-IN-ONE COLOUR GEL POLISH cures with natural sunlight! Bio Seaweed Gel’s UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish is the first professional gel polish with base, colour, top & nail strengtheners all-in-one bottle.  The gel cures to the touch with no sticky residue. No alcohol or cleaners needed. There is no sanding, drilling, primers or bonders required. It is Self-levelling and smooth. To remove the Bio Seaweed Gel is a simple 5 minute soak in your nail polish remover and it peels right off. The Bio Seaweed Gel is the leader in healthy gel products free from (Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA & Solvent Free) Zero Dehydration, weakening or staining of the natural nails, no sanding, primers or bonders.

I’ve kindly received two samples from the UPTOWN LIGHTS COLLECTION and a top coat. I chose the colours  “256 Ottawa” and “260 Toronto” of course!  I really love the colours! I love the gel formula because It doesn’t chip at all! I’ve had the Bio Seaweed Gel on for a week and I’ve washed dishes many times and no chips! YAY!  That’s the beauty of gel! The colour has also stayed vibrant and bold. I also really love the glossy look of the Bio Seaweed Gel.  I’m truly happy and excited that I don’t have to keep touching up my nails everyday! Truly amazing! The application is very simple.

1. I clean my nails with 70% or higher alcohol to remove the oils/dusts

2. I apply a thin first coat. ( in the shade) I then allow them to dry in the sun.

3. I apply the second coat (in the shade) I then allow them to dry in the sun.

4. I apply the top coat for extra protection and shine! Done!

The Bio Seaweed Gel does not chip! I’ve had mine on for a week and no chips!

Please forgive my nails. I’m trying to grow my nails and get them looking nice again. The Bio Seaweed Gel will help my nails grow and protect them from any chips.  The Bio Seaweed Gel is definitely a stronger formula then regular nail polish!IMG_0909Here is the colour 260 TORONTO

I really love this colour! So beautiful and pretty.

Top Coat

Thank you so much to Bio Seaweed Gel. I really love their products and I highly recommend them. The Gel Polish is shiny, glossy, beautiful and the colour stays vibrant and beautiful. It’s easy to use and no chips! Truly amazing and feels really great on the nails. I’m truly loving the two beautiful colours I received and love the formula. The formula doesn’t stain my nails or damage them in any way. I’m very pleased! Thank you again to Bio Seaweed Gel for the Gels and I’m very happy and pleased with their products. I highly recommend them! Thank you also for the cute sunglasses and other little goodies they sent.

Thank you so much for reading my post! I would love to know which colour do you prefer? They have over 180 colours!

Now until October 31st get $10.00 off your online order! Use code 



For more information about Bio Seaweed Gel



* The products in this post have been given to me for review purposes. I have not been paid for this post and all opinions expressed are 100% honest and true.

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