July Favourites 2015 – Part 1 

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Hello my wonderful readers! I hope your Summer is B E A U T I F U L !  The weather is very nice and hot! I’m staying away from too much sun and staying cool. My skin is saying “thank you” to me this month. I’m keeping my hair and skin hydrated and protected.

Here are a few of my July favourites. I’ve been loving all of them! I really love the Dove Advance Hair Series!  This trio is absolutely amazing! The Dove Advance Hair Series, Pure Care Dry Oil smells so beautiful and comforting. It gives my hair so much shine and makes my hair silky smooth and hydrated. It’s truly amazing and I’ll be buying these again for sure.
  This Skintimate is so refreshing and smells so fruitful, lovely and sweet. I really love Raspberry Rain. It actually makes me happy to shave my legs! 🙂  I really love Surf Days from PINK. It smells of Coconut and I love it!
I really love my Lampe Berger. I use it everyday  to take any odours out of the home and it really works wonders!  Lampe Berger has so many fragrances that are truly amazing! I really love this lamp.  So elegant and pretty.

I’m also in LOVE with Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masques! The masks are amazing and the are so so good! They smell exactly like chocolate and I can’t describe how amazing they feel! So creamy and they make my skin feel so good and nourished. They also have chocolate masks that warm up on the skin! I’m truly in LOVE with the chocolate masks. I’m a huge chocolate lover! 🙂

The elephant is my lucky elephant from the Toronto Zoo. I love him! 🙂 Here I have my favourite hand cream by Odylique. It’s the Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie. It smells so fresh and lemony.  Also my favourite face cream at the moment by Odylique is the Avocado 24 hour Replenishing Cream. It makes my skin hydrated and feeling really good. I’ve also been wearing Essie nail polish in PRIVATE WEEKEND. It’s the perfect white. I love it. I have also been using the  L’ EAU D’ISSEY CITY BLOSSOM scented body cream. It smells like a field of flowers and I’m in love! It smells so wonderful and makes me so happy and feel very refreshed. Truly perfect for Summer.
 I truly hope you’ve enjoyed my July Favourites Part 1!

PART 2 —-> PART 2

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer, thank you and I would love to know what you’ve enjoyed in July. Thank you and have a beautiful weekend!

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3 thoughts on “ July Favourites 2015 – Part 1 

  1. Are you a spokesperson for Dove? lol teasing!
    The Odylique Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie sounds divine! I love anything lemon / citrus!
    I was debating between Essie Private Weekend or Marshmallow, and I went with Marshmallow (which I LOVE, I’m wearing it right now and it’s the perfect sheer white) but I may have to try Private Weekend too… can never have enough nail polishes (says the girl with close to 500 bottles ahem).
    Great list of favourites!

    Liked by 1 person

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