PRONECK Massager by evoDerma- REVIEW

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I’m so grateful that I was kindly offered to review the PRONECK Neck Massager by evoDerma because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer everyday and my neck feels very tight and tense often which causes a lot of stress. There are so many wonderful benefits that evoDerma’s PRONECK Massager offers. I will take you through all the steps of how to use the PRONECK Massager and give you my overall review and experience with this device.


The PRONECK Massager is a device that is very safe and easy to use. You place the device around your neck and it is flexible for any neck size. It is a device you use at the comfort of your own home and it is light weight and travel friendly.


It comes with a remote control, a charger and the user manual. The settings on the device are very simple to use. The PRONECK Massager has heat massage, vibrating massage, low frequency electric impulse massage and six computerized programs.  It is lightweight, wireless and travel friendly. 1387

The PRONECK is really great for easing tense muscles, relieving stress, stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen and improving sleep. In addition it has built in magnets that “work in conjunction with the massagers to target the neck’s acupoint, which then induce relaxation.” – EVODERMA Exactly what I need!


The PRONECK is comfortable and easy to use. It has a simple remote and it is light weight. The settings are very easy to change and I really enjoy the heating and pulse setting. I have found that it has helped me with loosening knots and has helped with my muscle tightness. It is truly relaxing and easy to use.

Here are steps to take when you receive the  PRONECK Neck Massager.

  1. When you receive the PRONECK Neck Massager you need to fully charge the device before using it.
  2. Switch the neck massager from the CHARGE to ON when you use it. 
  3. Make sure to point the screen of the remote control directly at the neck piece and then press the START button. This will light up the remote’s LCD Screen and set the massager into AUTOMATIC MODE.
  4. You can personalize your massage treatment by selecting the desired MODE and massage technique for your relaxation session.
  5. Before removing the device from the neck, turn it off.
  6. Always put the switch on CHARGE position when PRONECK is not in use.



6 programs

Wireless- Weightless-Portable


  • Mode 1: Auto, includes all of the following massage techniques settings- vibration & heating; Electric impulse; Heating: Vibration: Electric impulse        ( 3 Cycles of 5 Minutes)
  • Mode 2: Vibration & Heating (15 Minutes Cycle)
  • Mode 3: Heating & Electric impulse (15 Minute Cycles)
  • Mode 4: Heating (15 Minute Cycle)
  • Mode 5: Vibration (15 Minute Cycle)
  • Mode 6: Electric Impulse (15 Minute Cycle)


Overall my experience with the PRONECK Neck massager is a very positive one. My daily stress comes from being a busy mommy, getting housework done and also working in front of my computer. This stress gathers to parts of my body especially shoulders and neck causing tension and discomfort.  This device has helped relax my neck and shoulders and sleep better at night. It is easy to use and I really enjoy all the settings. It has helped me with the tension in my neck and shoulders. After using the PRONECK I sleep better and my neck and shoulders are more relaxed and stress free. I highly recommend the PRONECK Neck Massager. The device does make a little noise when it vibrates but it doesn’t bother me. I also like that it is light weight and great for traveling. I also like that other family members can use it as well.

PRONECK regular price: $159

USE CODE ( MARIA) and receive the PRONECK for $75 (shipping included!)


*In the Manual it states NOT to use the PRONECK massager by evoDerma if you are : ” pregnant, have a pacemaker or cardiovascular condition, if you are a diabetic, if you have sensitive skin, if you have or following a serious injury, if you are under the age of 20 or limited to physical, sensory or mental capabilities

*I’ve been given this device for review purposes and I have not been paid to write this post. All opinions expressed are 100% honest.


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