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I wanted to create a look that is perfect for the workplace. I wanted a natural look that is quick and radiant. For this look I’ve also created a video and I have used the following beauty products.

Clinique Wear Everywhere Nudes Palette A64


Blush Clarins Prodige 08 Sweet Rose

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara


Clarins  Instant light Lip Comfort Oil




Clarins 3-Dot Liner


Estee Lauder Lip Liner 10-Spice &

Elizabeth Arden Eye Brow Pencil Brownnette 03


What are some of your favourite high-end beauty products? I am looking for a really amazing foundation and would love to hear what you use. 

Thank you,

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Hello my name is Maria and I'm very passionate about blogging, art and photography. I'm a full time blogger and really enjoy writing about things that I love. I'm passionate about the Arts and I love to showcase my creativity through all the work I do. Live life to the fullest and Be Beautiful inside and out!

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