I am so happy that I received Mr. Bubble Fragrance from DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY to review. Thank you to Canadian Beauty Bloggers for this opportunity!

“Mr. Bubble was born in 1961 when Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company found a way to make bubble bath affordable, moving it from department stores to drug stores.”  –DEMETER WEBSITE


 I am here to tell you a personal story that I’ve never shared with anyone before.


Here’s how the story goes….

When I was little I had a bubbletastic plan! I decided to empty the entire bottle of Mr. Bubbles in the bath. I remember buying Mr. Bubbles and having this plan already in my head. We walked to Bargain Harold’s at the time on Gerrard Street in Toronto and my mother and I bought this pink cute bottle.  It was pink, it was cute and it was Mr. Bubble. Step one of my bubbletastic idea was in effect. I was so excited to get inside the sudsy goodness! I emptied the entire bottle in the bath and watched the fluffy suds grow bigger and bigger. The bathtub looked like a big cupcake with fluffy icing. The bathroom smelled sweet, happy and comforting to me. Mr. Bubble overfilled the bath with soft, fluffy bubbles… I pretended I was floating in the sky…proceeded by having funny hair and also a beard like Santa. I will never forget my mother’s face as she walked in the bathroom. She should of known not to leave me unintended with Mr. Bubble!


Demeter Fragrance Library got Mr. Bubble scent spot on! It has a sharp, fruity concoction, with notes of coconut, banana and peach, with floral centre of jasmine and rose, and a balsamic vanilla and powdery raspberry base. The scent brings back amazing childhood memories and not just the part that I got in trouble… It was not my fault.. I was just being a kid. It brings back memories of how I loved to be imaginative and be creative. It was so much fun to have an overflowing bathtub of bubbles and to imagine I was floating on a cloud! This fragrance brings back all those lovely fun memories and more!


Do you find that scents bring back memories for you? I always attach memories to certain scents. Like Figs remind me of my mother and the smell of paper and pencils remind me of the first day of school. The scent of Camp Fire reminds me of the time I went camping with my brother and the scent of pickles reminds me of the scratch and sniff pickle sticker I use to have in my sticker collection… that is strange I know but I love scratch and sniff stickers! Scent plays a big part in my life. Many fragrances are associated with my memories and some scents I just love because they smell so darn good!

I’m truly loving and enjoying wearing Mr. Bubble Fragrance by DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY. Thank you again to The Canadian Beauty Bloggers for this wonderful opportunity!

The Sprays are available for Purchase online (In US dollars) at

1 oz Cologne Spray srp $20.00

4 oz Cologne Spray srp $39.50

Selections of Demeter 30 ml Cologne Sprays are available at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD)


*This product has been given to me for review purposes. My opinions are true and honest. I have NOT been paid to write this review.

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