Estée Lauder Mini Haul & First Impressions

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Hello Beautiful!

My sweetheart bought me a very special gift the other day. A lovely perfume from Estée Lauder called MODERN MUSE Le Rouge. He totally surprised me with this lovely gesture and I am truly grateful for his kindness and love. He is such a sweetheart! The gift included a beautiful beauty bag filled with amazing products from Estée Lauder! This gift bag is available at Sears until quantities last. So if you like what you see I would suggest go and get it quick! I was so surprised and didn’t expect this kind gesture at all!  I only mentioned this to him one time and he surprised me! No specific occasion, he just came home with it to surprise me. The best gifts are the unexpected ones! Especially from your loved ones!

Modern Muse Le Rouge smells so sweet and beautiful! Very soft and light. I love it!

  The Beauty bag print is so lovely and I love the red poppies. The colours are so bold and bright.  Inside the bag there is Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair, Resilience Lift Firming sculpting face and neck cream, Estée Lauder Double Wear all day BB cream, Estée Lauder Take it Away Cream Makeup Remover, Eyeshadow palette and Lipstick.
  This is the Estée Lauder beautiful palette in Pure Color Eyeshadow (8). In my video I test this palette out and I must tell you the formula is amazing. Very pigmented and bold. Very smooth, silky and blends very easily and smoothly. 
This is a beautiful lipstick. It’s the Pure Color 87 Sunstone Shimmer. Truly beautiful, creamy, silky and glides on the lips. It’s very long lasting and I love the formula and scent. 

I really love the gift bag that came with the purchase.  Thank you to my wonderful husband for this gift.

Estée Lauder Tweeted me back and said “He’s A keeper ;)” I totally agree! ;D


 *This is not a sponsored post!

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