bestdayblogger fall bannerHello my lovely friends! I would like to say a huge thank you to for sending me the wonderful ARBONNE Lip Products. This is the first time that I have tried these products and I am very happy with the results. The formula of the lipsticks are really creamy, beautiful,  long lasting, moisturizing and very pigmented. They are really smooth and glide on nicely. They are non scented.  I am very impressed by the quality. I love the packaging. The lipsticks are heavy in packaging but I like how strong they feel and they are sturdy. I really love the logo that is on the lipstick and on the cap. I made a little video to go with this post because I am very pleased with the lip products. I hope you enjoy the video and please click the like button and the Subscribe button if you like to see more videos and reviews.

This is the Smoothed Over Lipstick in  Aster 

This is Smoothed Over Lipstick in the colour

Dahlia    This is the LIPGLOSS in the colour  HYACINTH 

The gloss over lipgloss is beautiful in pigmentation and shines so beautifully on it own or on top of the lipstick. At first I put on too much and it felt a little too heavy. I adjusted the quantity on my lips and indeed it felt so much better. With this lip gloss a little goes a long way. You definitely don’t need a lot to make your lips bold and glossy.  I adore the colour and it is perfect for Fall and the Holidays! 

I am truly impressed by Arbonne lip products and I really recommend them. I feel that they really hydrate and nourish my lips. The colour is long lasting and I didn’t need to reapply for a long time. These lipsticks are truly rich, creamy and feel so beautiful on the lips. Thank you so much to for this opportunity. I am so happy because I really like Arbonne products and they are truly beautiful and luxurious!

I would love to know which lip colour do you like best from ARBONNE?

Have you ever tried ARBONNE products?

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

3 thoughts on “ARBONNE Lip Products| REVIEW

  1. I think the quality is really good too. It’s really a beautiful line. I have some primer I tried, loved it. And I had some skin care samples which also were impressive. The lipsticks and glosses are super pretty but I haven’t tried them. It’s hard to buy a lipstick when you can see it and try it on.


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