Non-Beauty Favourites September 2015

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Hello my lovely friends!

Last month I enjoyed the following Non-Beauty favourites and I would love to share them with you. I still continue to use these and love them very much. They are truly lovely gifts to give and to enjoy for your self also. I’ve been really enjoying the following:

I’ve been enjoying Air Wick candles that I’ve purchased from the Dollar Store. One is caramel or it might be maple and the other is apple cinnamon. One is sweet the other is spicy. I’ve also been enjoying Maple Ice Mints. They smell so nice and taste delicious. The maple flavour really comes through and so does the mint to make a perfect balance that’s not too strong but just perfect.

I’ve been enjoying making almond milk lattes with the CLUB HOUSE pumpkin spice. It is so delicious and makes everything very cozy and perfect for Autumn. I will be making lovely cupcakes soon and I really love cupcake papers that have Autumnal prints. These are from the Dollar store also. I purchased the Wilton Sprinkles from Michaels Craft Store last Autumn and I will be using the rest this year. I truly love the little sprinkle of leaves on cupcakes. Truly pretty and very festive!  The straws are from IKEA and I just love the Autumnal colours. Perfect for Autumnal drinks and yes I love and enjoy drinking from straws even in the Fall.

  Here I have the New Lampe Berger CUBE  and the scent that I have is PROVINCE TREATS. Province Treats smells so sweet and spicy.  A deliciously Spicy fragrance with sweet and sour aroma of candies citrus fruits. The soft sweetness of fruits combines with the spicy fragrance of cinnamon and clove, all emphasized by the strength of cedar and patchouli. It is the perfect scent for Autumn.  Have you read my Post about the New Lampe Berger Home Fragrance Collection? Have a look if you like. ->  *NEW FRAGRANCES* <-
This is my new Starbucks cup that my husband bought for me. I really love the splashes of Autumnal colours on the cup. The colours and shape of this cup is perfect. It’s not too tall and not to wide. Perfect for tea and caffè lattes!

In my video I also mention the shows that I’ve been watching in September. The shows are ‘Pretty Little Liars’, The ‘Fear of The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Middle’. Have you seen any of these shows? I’m only on Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars and I’m already hooked! I’ve also been wearing a beautiful pearl bracelet as you can see in the video. I won this lovely bracelet last year from the lovely blog THE FUNKY MONKEY and the Bracelet is from REBECCA AND PENELOPE.  A really delicate and elegant bracelet that I really love. It has light pink pearls and white pearls also. I really love it and I’ve been enjoying wearing it a lot.

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope you subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel. It would mean a lot to me if you did. Your comments and support are truly appreciated. Thank you and have a lovely week!


*This is NOT a sponsored post.

* I am an ambassador for Lampe Berger and all opinions are honest and true.

Thank you!

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