SARDO Li’l Oliver – REVIEW

blog titleHello my lovely readers! I am here to share with you the perfect back to school snack for kids. My eldest daughter is in grade 3 and she loves the green Li’l Oliver Olives. My youngest loves both black and green. We received Sardo Li’l Oliver Olives for review purposes and we love them! These are great! Perfect to put in the lunch bags for a great healthy snack. Let me begin by telling you a little about Sardo Foods.

 Sardo Foods

Sardo Foods is a family owned and operated in Canada. It is world renowned for bringing all the unique flavours of the Mediterranean to your family dinner table. They specialize in Olives, antipasti, pesto, spreads, bruchetta and more. Sardo Foods aims to make gourmet cooking and entertaining easy. They are based in Bolton, Ontario. 
  These Olives are natural, free of sugar, fat, peanuts and cholesterol and they are delicious for snacking. They have no artificial flavours or colours, gluten free and no trans fats.  These cups make a perfect addition to a child’s lunch box without the allergy concerns that come with snacks that may contain peanuts.   “There’s a new snack in town, and it is an excellent alternative to sweet and salty snacks like granola bars or chips..these  Li’l Oliver packs are kid-tested and kid-approved” -Desiree Sardo from Sardo Foods
  I really enjoyed both green and black olives. My eldest didn’t like the black ones by my youngest loved both. Here is some interesting information!


-The Canada Food Guide recommends children under 13 get up to six servings of fruits and vegetables a day. About 16 Olives roughly 2 packs of Li’L Oliver, equals one of those servings.

-Eating Olives boosts your iron intake. Iron plays a key role in keeping you healthy and happy.

-Olives are high in oleic acid, which studies have shown reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

-Olives are rich in phytonutrients, bringing added benefits for your cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, muscled, immune, inflammatory and digestive systems.

-Oleuropein, found exclusively in olives, is an antioxidant nutrient that has shown to decrease LDL cholesterol and protect nerve cells.

 I’m truly happy that I was offered Li’l Oliver olives for review purposes because my girls love them and this is a lovely way for them to eat olives without the fear of the seed. The Sardo Olives are pitted! Before I would have to take the seed out but with Li’l Oliver Olives I don’t have to worry about it! Now it is easy and fun too! I love the reward stickers also.  I really like how the olives are packaged and love how easy it is for the kids to open them. They are easy to open and nutritious for them too!

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Thank you so much for reading my review! Have you tried SARDO Li’l Oliver Olives? Have you tried any other Sardo Products? I would love to know!

Have a lovely weekend! signature blog

4 thoughts on “SARDO Li’l Oliver – REVIEW

  1. OH
    I would love these. I’m an olive lover. I could eat an entire jar. No one else in my family would touch them (I’m sure they just done know what they are missing) but if they had these when I was a kid, I would have been thrilled!

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