40 Things Before 40!

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Hello my lovely friends! I’m sharing a list with you today that will challenge me and allow me to celebrate who I am. I’m not putting pressure on my self to complete all these things but I would like to complete as much as I can. I don’t feel old but I don’t feel young anymore either. I feel like I’m still a 20 year old at heart. My body and mind are a bit more tired but I still have the thirst for having a good time and living it up the best way that I can. I’m not letting a number stop me from getting out there and doing new and exciting new things. Also no matter what age I turn, I will never stop dreaming and thinking positive. I am a huge believer of the “Law of Attraction” are you? It’s truly amazing and I will be writing a post about it soon.


  1. Bowling
  2. Go Carting
  3. See a Play (DONE!)
  4. Roller Skating
  5. Family Fall Photo (DONE!)
  6. Skating
  7. See a movie (DONE!)
  8. Go out with my girlfriends
  9. Pedicure (DONE!)
  10. Manicure (DONE!)
  11. Nose ring
  12. Make a big painting
  13. Collaborate with more people on youtube
  14. Donate blood
  15. Add my name to the Organ and Tissue Donor list.
  16. Fix my office space (DONE!)
  17. Reach 200 followers on YOUTUBE by April 25th (OMG DONE! 1k!)
  18. Volunteer work
  19. Go Dancing
  20. Make, win and receive money
  21. Cook a NEW meal that I’ve never made before
  22. Find a job
  23. Attend a launch party (DONE!)
  24. Organize my closet
  25. Make a Scrap Book with all my daughter’s artwork
  26. Go Skiing with my family
  27. Get Rid of things I don’t need
  28. Try something NEW
  29. Audition for a film or a play
  30. Go out with my husband…not the the kids.
  31. Buy a light for filming (DONE!)
  32. Take my children to the CN Tower
  33. Take my children to Ripley’s Aquarium
  34. Take the kids to the ZOO
  35. Take the kids to the Ontario Science Centre (DONE!)
  36. Be in a Film
  37. Go to NYC
  38. Meet Claire Danes
  39. Be mentioned on TV ( for positive reasons…lol… about my blogging or youtube channel.)
  40. Stay Healthy and Kind because beauty comes from the inside!

Thank you all for reading my list. I would love for you to make a list! I would love to know what you would like to do before your Birthday! Please feel free to make this list and let me know so I can read your list.  Let’s encourage each other and get out there and make memories happen!

Thank you all and have a beautiful weekend!

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8 thoughts on “40 Things Before 40!

  1. Love your red hair and beautiful makeup. A little sparkle in your nose would really compliment your pretty face and bright eyes. You have the perfect nose for a piercing and either a little diamond stud or little, thin silver nose ring would look adorable on you. Both would be stunning on you giving your already pretty face a gracefully elegant look of sophistication.

    Promise this look would elicit a ton of compliments because it would make you MORE beautiful than you already are while crossing something off your “40 before 40” list 🙂 Some women would have nose ring envy for sure when they how cute you look.


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