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“Make-up which brings the joy of being yourself, only better.”

-Eric Antoniotti

Hello my lovely friends! I’m here to share with you a lovely evening that I had at the Clarins VIP Party Hosted by the amazing and talented Dave Lackie. I am very lucky that I was selected for this amazing opportunity and I’m here to share this wonderful experience with you.

Here is the wonderful and inspirational Dave Lackie with yours truly @bestdayblogger




This party was a very special one because it is one of my favourite beauty and skincare brands.

This year Clarins Celebrates 60 Years!

Happy Birthday Clarins!

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I’m truly grateful that I attended this amazing party. It was held at the Arcadian Courts on 401 Bay Street, 8th Floor. The service and food is truly amazing.  The evening started with amazing d’oeuvres and drinks. The beautiful Clarins Products were beautifully displayed around the room.



The decor was so elegant and the food very delectable!

The party started off with the amazing Dave Lackie introducing us to the wonderful, creative and inspirational Eric Antoniotti who is the International Artistic and Training Director for Clarins.

“Eric Antoniotti collects passions: the theatre (as spectator and actor), country walks, sculpture, gemmology, botany with a particular love of orchids and…beauty. From Tokyo to Mexico and New York, he reveals the natural radiance of women across the world. Meet a Man whose mantra is Life and Harmony. ” -Clarins

From left to right: The amazing and inspiration Dave Lackie who is the Editor of BEAUTY the guide & CityLine beauty expert, followed by Cityline Videographer  Patrick Reynolds and Eric Antoniotti who is the International Artistic Training Director for Clarins.


These fine gentleman were the perfect hosts for the evening with wonderful speeches, interviews and beauty tutorials. I learned so much about skincare, beauty and make-up application.

I had my lovely picture taken by the amazing photographer of the evening David Hawe who captured this photo which was tweeted out by the amazing Dave Lackie. In this picture are two wonderful ladies. From the left to the right is yours truly Bestdayblogger with the amazing Connie Peixoto and the lovely Julie-Lynne McCann.

Screen shot 2015-11-19 at 12.06.03 PM

The evening was perfect and I truly enjoyed watching the makeup tutorial by Eric Antoniotti. You can see a couple of clips in my video of Eric Antoniotti applying makeup to the lovely model. 2519

Thank you to all the lovely people that I met at the Party! A truly magical and unforgettable evening!

Thank you to Clarins, Dave Lackie, Eric Antoniotti (International Artistic and Training Director for Clarins), Danielle La Roche (National Public Relations Director for Clarins Canada),  Émilie (Social Media Clarins Canada) and all the lovely friends I made that evening.




Special thank you to these lovely ladies! I hope we meet again!


connie peixoto

Julie-Lynne McCann

Cookie Gigan


Thank you again for an unforgettable evening!

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