Hello beautiful readers!

I’m here to review fabulous Spooky Eyes Lenses!

I know Halloween has past but I still love to try  different coloured lenses for different occasions. It is truly fun and exciting to change one’s look with Spooky Eyes and they don’t necessarily have to be spooky. I feel that the Violet ones are truly beautiful.  Especially the Violet 3 Tone Funky Contact Lenses that I’m about to show you. The lenses are easy to put on and they feel very comfortable once they are in the eyes. 

In the left photo I’m not wearing the lenses and on the right I’m wearing the Violet 3 Tone Funky Contact Lenses. I’m in love with them! They show more Violet on the website but because my eyes are green with yellow I feel it tones down the purple/violet giving this unique eye colour that I love! What do you think about the Violet  3 Tone Funky Lenses colour on me?

Each lens comes in a sterile package, they also send a plastic container to place each lens in after you open them. Each package says “Dream Eyes, Beautiful eyes & Natural Looks” I feel that this is truly how these lenses are. Not just for Halloween but they have a beautiful selection for a variety of looks and occasions.

In the following pictures I’m wearing the Violet 3 Tone Funky Lenses from

Spooky Eyes.Com 


    It fascinates me that my own green colour comes through the lenses giving my eyes a unique look! Next I would love to try  Twilight Bella Contact Lenses! What do you think? I am very pleased with the lenses and I totally recommend them. They are easy to use and very fun to wear!




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