LISAP Easy Build Hair Reconstruction System -REVIEW

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I’ve been using Lisap for over a month now and my hair is softer, silkier and smoother. The ends of my hair are much healthier and my hair feels and looks really great. I also feel that this product has helped my hair grow faster. I really like the formula of the  Lisap Easy Build Hair Reconstruction System and I feel that a little goes a long way with them. The LISAP Easy Build Hair Reconstruction system makes my hair feel very voluminous!! It is like they say “Botox for the Hair” I love the formula and really enjoy the scent. The scent is very light and soft.

“The LISAP collection of hair color and treatment products has been created using the finest and gentlest ingredients in formulations designed to restore the hair’s natural balance and beauty. Manufactured in Milan, Italy, Lisap has been creating hair care products for almost 60 years. Its certified and trained colorists work with salons to train their colorists in the use of Lisap hair color and treatment products to ensure perfect results each and every time.

Lisap’s state-of-the-art laboratories are home to some of the finest scientists in the world. They are constantly researching and developing new and better quality solutions to ensure that Lisap’s products are on the cutting edge of advances in hair color and treatment solutions. All Lisap products are dermatologically tested and have received the seal of approval from The University of Pavia, one of the most renowned Universities in Europe.

Lisap is one of the few companies that is Quality Certified to the Standard of UNI EN IS0 9001; guaranteeing salons of superior quality products” –


About  Lisap Easy Build Hair Reconstruction System 

Lisap Easy Build Hair Reconstruction System is for any hair type. It’s a state of the art deep conditioning treatment created for seriously out of condition and damaged hair. it nourishes the hair structure from the cortex to cuticle, restores body, elasticity and strength and provides an anti-aging effect to give hair superb softness and shine.

The reconstruction process with Lisap Easy Build uses 4 steps: 

1. Chelating Shampoo: Chelatizing literally means binding of capturing mineral deposits and eliminating them from the hair. Easy Build 1 is formulated to create synergy between the active ingredients, amino acids, keratin and vitamins to treat the most damaged parts of the hair, leaving it glossy and perfectly manageable.

2. The second step rebuild the keratin structures internally from deep within the hair shaft using Lisap Easy Build 2 Polymeric Reconstructor. Its formula contains creatine, wheat amino acids and soya proteins that leave the hair looking healthier glossier and stronger. The quality and resilience of the hair structure is improved from the first application.

3. A moisturizing liquid cream, Lisap Easy Build 3 Moisturizing Microemulsion ensures that its active ingredients immediately penetrate the hair structure. The red and black marine algae extract formula reinforce the reconstruct the hair fibre internally and externally. This third step restores vitality and elasticity, giving hair increased body without adding weight.

4. Finally, Lisap Easy Build 4 revitalizing Spray completes the reconstructive treatment by effectively rebuilding the external layers of the hair, preventing split ends and leaving hair feeling like silk. Additionally, the hydrolyzed proteins, creatine and heat resistant substances moisturize the hair, protecting it from heat and making handling easier and styling longer lasting.

Overall my experience is truly a wonderful one and I really enjoy using Lisap Products.  I highly recommend the LISAP Easy Build Hair Reconstruction products. Truly amazing! Thank you!




*PR Sample. All opinions expressed in this article are all honest and true. Not sponsored.



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