Best in Beauty 2015 |Skin, Hair & Body!

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Hello my lovely readers! Today I have my favourite Skincare, body care and hair care products for 2015!

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I’ve been using and loving  G.M. Collin Skincare products. They are amazing and I highly recommend them. I’ve written a REVIEW on G.M. Collin Skincare and if you have some time please have a look.

Next I’ve been really loving C.O. BIGELOW Salve. A really great salve that really helps dryness. This is fantastic for elbows, lips and any dry spots on the body. It is the perfect ointment for protecting the skin but also healing dry skin. Did I mention that it smells so beautiful! Soft roses!


A really amazing heel balm is Flexitol Heel Balm and it works brilliantly!  This balm really helped my heels.  Have a look at my review with before and after pictures if you like. FLEXITOL HEEL BALM REVIEW.

  This is a really lovely face and neck cream. It is really hydrating and makes the skin soft and silky.

Next I’ve been loving Clarins Orchid Oil


 “When hope is not enough” by philosophy.  They have been my favourite oils. I add these oils to my face and my bath. I love them and they really work.
  Garnier Eye Makeup Remover is truly amazing and gets all the makeup off the eyes without stinging the eyes and is very gentle. I’ve been really enjoying it and it works!

The “I Love… ” brand is fantastic! I enjoy a good bubble bath and the “Strawberries and Cream” is so good and smells really delightful! I love the “I love…” Body spritzers also. They are perfect to carry in my purse and love how the raspberry blackberry scented one smells. So delicious! I can’t wait to try all the other ones!
This Clinique Moisturizing Lotion is fantastic. I really love it and it works really great. I’ve been enjoying using this lotion. It is gentle on the skin and really moisturizing.

I really love Dove! I love how the Advanced Hair Series “Pure Care Dry Oil” smells and makes my hair feel. My hair looks and feels really great! Shiny, smooth and hydrated. Smells really great too!

My favourite Nail Polishes for 2015


*Summer Collection PRIVATE WEEKEND

*Summer Collection SALT WATER HAPPY

*Summer Collection PRET A SURFER

Ballet Slippers



020 Pure Pearl

220 Enchanting

762 Plum Attraction


440 Wild Card

410 Up The Ante


Loving the new H&M Nail Polish! My favourite one is



My favourite nail polish of all is L’Oréal

600 Doutzen’s Nude!!! I adore this colour!


Thank you to my friend Sammie from NYC!

She kindly sent me this nail polish and I adore it!



Bora Bora Coast


Thank you all for a wonderful year! I’m so happy for your support! I appreciate all your lovely comments. I hope you enjoyed my favourite skin, hair & body products for 2015! Next I’ll be posting my favourite Organic favourites! Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!

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