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Hello my lovely readers! I have a lovely skincare review for ‘Les Soins de Jacynthe’ founded by Jacynthe Rene, an actress and producer. I am very excited and very enthusiastic about this review. Jacynthe Rene is a French Canadian and has a series about health and well-being.  Jacynthe has published three books in the last 4 years and has been featured in Women’s Health, Clin D’oeil, LaPresse and many more articles.  Nearly 60,000 people in Quebec turn to Jacynthe and her team of experts for advice on health, detox diet, and natural beauty. Recently, Les Soins de Jacynthe joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program as one of their cruelty-free companies. Also, Jacynthe’s latest book Délices Détox became best seller after being on the shelves for a few days only, and  (Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog) was interested in reviewing her skincare line!


“My favorites, or “musts” of the season: My key trio or my 3 treatments that make my ritual beauty of the morning and evening: I clean with the cleansing oil (which is also a superb cleanser that nourishes eyelashes) and I rinsed the washcloth already I feel my skin breathe easier without having drained the contrary, one of the components of this oil is already helping to enrich the collagen; then I spray my flower water (one could also take a pure water spray, if there is shortage of floral water! If in time !!) and I apply my serum for the skin is moist…. that’s all! no need for more.”-Jacynthe René

I was kindly sent Jacynthe’s Beauty Essentials for review purposes and I’m so honoured and grateful for this opportunity. I’ve read and heard so many wonderful reviews about Jacynthe’s Beauty Essentials that I can’t wait to share my review with you. I will explain the TRIO that I generously received and also what each product is composed of and the benefits of each. The packaging is so beautiful! The bottles are apothecary style glass bottles. Very strong and sturdy. The labels on the bottles are so pretty and have the handmade look and feel.


TRIO for the face:

The Cleansing oil (a serum that purifies the skin and regulates the sebum)

Cleansing Oil

This beautiful Cleansing oil cleans my skin so beautifully and at the same time nourishes and makes my skin feel silky and hydrated. It is so gentle and loving on the skin. This cleansing and purifying oil is composed of jojoba, apricot, sea buckthorn CO2, and bourbon geranium rosa, ylang ylang and sandalwood. It cleans and removes gently and thoroughly without irritating the skin. This mixture also regulates sebum, recommended for acne-prone skin because it acts without irritating the skin (which produces more sebum.)


The Rose Water

BULGARIAN ROSE (a wonderful ritual to soothe the skin)

After cleaning my face with the  Cleansing oil, I spray this amazing Bulgarian Rose water on my face right before applying the serum. I’m a huge fan of Rose scented beauty products and this is truly amazing rose water.  It smells beautiful and is so gentle on the skin. It hydrates but also works brilliantly as a lovely toner. It prepares the face and keeps the skin hydrated and works so gently  with the face oil that follows. This way the final step is better absorbed and stays moisturized and hydrated for a longer period of time.


This is ‘Le Serum de Jacynthe’ (an anti-aging serum that promotes collagen production, improves hydration while maintaining the integrity of the epidermis). 3090

Powerful, unique serum that brings together all natural the most noble materials for the skin (evening primrose oil, borage, buckthorn & Rosehip extracted CO2, sandalwood, rose, natural vitamin E and rosemary oleoresin). This has made my skin soft and toned. It has helped with my overall complexion!


I’ve been using this beautiful and luxurious Trio for a month now and I am in love with my skin again! I cleanse and remove make-up with cleansing oil, then rinse thoroughly. I then Spray the Floral water on the face. I apply the serum on the wet skin. The serum contains the most globally-coveted, rare, noble and powerful, plant and essential oils. I love how this trio makes my skin look and feel. It feels so amazing knowing there are no harsh chemicals and I feel that my skin is happy too. My skin feels nourished and loved. My face is hydrated and it glows! This Trio is made for all skin types and it is perfection in every way! Jacythe’s Beauty Essentials are 100% natural & active, cruelty-free and eco-friendly! The new generation of skin care products without any chemicals. No oil derivative, preservatives or artificial fragrance. All Active ingredients and fragrances, are derived from plants and flowers.I highly recommend ‘Les Soins de Jacynthe’ natural beauty products. They are truly nourishment for the skin!


“‘Les Soins de Jacynthe’  Products Contain no preservatives, no petroleum derivative, no fragrance. Are 100% active compounds as 100% vegetable and essential oils (no emulsifier or water that is useless or chemical agent), we find ourselves with a pure food adapted to the skin (face or body depending on the product) and fully assimilated by it (our cosmetics should be edible … in any case, ours are!) Each ingredient has a purpose and helps regain a youthful appearance and health: in the serum, our star, includes carotenes to form collagen, natural vitamin E to prevent skin aging and Essential fatty acids (essential because the skin may be formed) to feed ceramides surface of our skin and prevent dehydration.The essential oil of rose, neroli and geranium to name that they allow the preservation of our care while being notorious and noble wrinkle.” – JMAGAZINE.CA

Thank you so much to  JMAGAZINE.CA for the beautiful skincare products.

Also a huge Congratulations to Jacynthe René for her new sweet arrival!

Many blessing to her new baby! Many happy blessing to the family!


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*PR SAMPLES Products have been sent to me for review purposes. All my opinions are honest and true. This is not an AD and this post is not sponsored.

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