Get Rich Skin | REVIEW


“Our skincare products are made from natural ingredients, can be used on all skin types and are suitable for all ages.” –

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are having a wonderful month! Today I’m bringing you a wonderful Skincare Review. I’m here to talk to you about my experience with Get Rich Skin Products.

About  Get Rich Skin

“Rich Skin was the brainchild of Nancy Richmond.  Nancy suffered from eczema and had enough of creams, lotions and prescriptions that didn’t work.  She took matters into her own hands and learned to make her own products.  Through trial and error she came up with a solution to her problem.  As it happens, she inadvertently solved other people’s problems too. As family, friends and colleagues started using what is now Rich Skin Hand and Body Lotion, they discovered that this product moisturized and softened hands, feet, rashes and a myriad of other skin issues.  They all told her “You need to sell this stuff.”  So that’s what she did.” –


I’ve been using Get Rich Skin products for almost a month now and I feel it is time to share with you how I feel about each product. I’ve kindly received samples of the Moisturizer, eye cream, the exfoliating scrub, the hand and body lotion.

Rich Skin Moisturizer3188

The Rich Skin Moisturizer really moisturizes the skin and promotes elasticity to the skin on the face and neck. It really hydrates and the scent of the natural oils are very evident. I love the scent because it is really invigorating and at the same time relaxing and soothing. The ingredients are water, emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract, fractionated coconut oil, lavender water, sesame oil, rosehip oil, rosemary essential oil, frankincense essential oil. The Rosemary and frankincense is very evident in the moisturizer and while some people might find the scent strong, I’m absolutely in love with it and feel like I’m at a spa. I love using the moisturizer in the morning and at night. In the morning it really wakes up my senses and I feel very awake and energized. In the evening I love it because it is relaxing and soothing. A really beautiful moisturizer that I highly recommend.

Rich Skin Exfoliating Scrub


The Exfoliating scrub gets rid of dry dead skin cells.  The combination of hydrating lotion ingredients with the power of jojoba beads gently sloughs off dead skin and exposes new skin.  This product is perfect for face and body and is safe for daily use. I really love this exfoliating scrub. It is really gentle and makes my skin feel really good. The scent is mild and the formula gentle. I love how it exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Rich Skin Eye Cream


The eye cream is truly amazing and hydrating. It is lightweight and feels really lovely on the skin. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. The formula includes Rosehip and Rosemary which gives this eye cream a great rich texture that I love.  Ingredients include: Water, emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract, fractionated coconut oil, rose water, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil, rosemary essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, rosewood essential oil, patchouli essential oil, jasmine essential oil and lavender essential oil. I really love the eye cream and I love how it hydrates the skin around the eyes without irritating them. It is all natural and good for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Rich Skin Hand and Body Lotion


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13 thoughts on “Get Rich Skin | REVIEW

  1. Do you know how to get ahold of GETRICHSKIN. I have been using the creams for 2 years now and I need more. I am unable to find the website. Thanks Kelley


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