TRESemme #VolumeRevolution REVIEW

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TRESemme #VolumeRevolution REVIEW 

Hello everyone! I’m here to talk about the new Beauty-Full Volume Collection by TRESemme

There are 3 steps to this Beauty-Full Collection and the first step starts with a pre-wash conditioner! Yes! The conditioner goes first! Why does the conditioner go first? Well this is formulated with a combination of Fleximac Volumizers and Fibre Polishing Actives. This preps the hair for voluminous bounce before you even shampoo. I went ahead and tested both ways for you and found that it works both ways equally and also my hair was shiny, silky and smooth. Not so much volume but definitely made my hair soft and very clean.

The next step is the Shampoo. This is also formulated with the Fleximax Volumizers.

“helps control static, infusing your hair with volume and leaving it perfectly prepped for styling.” -TRESemme

I adore the scent of this shampoo. Smells like fresh green apples! The shampoo cleaned my hair very nicely and this formula didn’t leave any residue on my hair. It completely cleaned and took off all the build up on my hair.  I really love the formula of this shampoo. I must say though that It didn’t really give me huge volume.

With all three products my hair feels amazing, soft, shiny, clean and smooth. No volume though.  This might have to do with my hair. I have thin hair and a lot of it. Not sure if that plays a roll in this situation but I do love this trio and I would buy them for sure! I’m not a huge fan of too much volume anyway. I usually like products that make my hair sleek and shiny. I’m not let down at all.

The third step is the Maximizer. It gives the hair style, volume and softness. I’m very pleased with this third product because usually the third step products make my hair oily and weighted down. This didn’t do that at all! It really made my hair very nice and soft! I really love it!

Overall I will be buying this trio again. I love how it makes my hair feel. The volume is not so evident but that doesn’t bother me at all. I love that it cleans my hair really nicely and that there is no buildup and my hair looks and feels so smooth and silky.

Thank you so much to Harbinger and @TRESemme

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*PR SAMPLE. This post is NOT sponsored and is not an AD. All opinions expressed are all honest and true.


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