CLARINS #MultiActive Skincare – REVIEW

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I attended the  Launch of Clarins Multi-Active Skincare at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto last month and kindly received a beautiful gift bag with all Clarins Skincare products.  After receiving the beautiful gift bag, the very next day I started using Clarins  #MultiActive creams. I’m here to share with you my experience with these creams and the benefits they have for the skin. I’m truly grateful to have tried them and continue to use them today. Following this post I will discuss and review the Mission Perfection Serum and the UV50 by Clarins.


The Multi-Active range was launched in 1988 and this is the 5th launch. The creams are truly more effective then ever and this duo is inspired by the latest scientific advances. It is combined with the power of plants to help visibly reduce the look of fine lines and boost the radiance of the skin. The creams help promote youthful-looking skin for longer.

I’m a full time mommy with more stress and less sleep. These factors effect my skin especially on the “FIBROBLAST” this is the cell that ensure the smooth, toned look of the skin thanks to its production of collagen and elastin fibres the dermal matrix.

For the very first time, Clarins Laboratories have used cutting edge technology inspired by the latest scientific advances: CELL TARGETING SYSTEM  They have targeted the system by using encapsulated teasel.

*Teasel is used by Clarins via organic farming and extracted according to environmentally-friendly methods. Farming practices that respect the land, respect biodiversity…the choice of this ingredient is in line with Clarins’ ongoing commitment to responsible beauty.


Due to effects of daily stress the skin becomes the first place that fine lines appear and there is an over production of a hormone called CRH which in turn has damaging effects on the skin’s youthful qualities. What the Daytime cream has is Myrothamnus which is a South African plant with the capacity to survive water stress during the dry season, helps absorb the harmful effects of daily stress. The fine lines will appear visibly smoothed and the skin appears more toned.


Nighttime Innovation: Fine Lines

At night, the skin fights damage caused by stress by producing an antioxidant hormone, melatonin. Due to successive interruptions in the sleep cycle or a reduction in the number of hours of sleep, this regenerating process is disrupted. Lower amounts of the hormone are secreted and damage linked to oxidation intensifies…


Short nights and interrupted sleep are contributing factors of the appearance of fine lines. Thankfully I have Clarins Multi-Active Night time cream that has Organic California Poppy. A flower that closes at night to regenerate itself, for its proven ability to help compensate for the harmful effect of late nights and interrupted sleep. The extract is able to offset the lowering of antioxidant defences and boost collagen production. My skin is more rested and is truly smoothed and toned when I wake up in the morning. I adore both morning and evening creams.



Prevention of the first signs of ageing. Promotes a youthful skin for longer. A reinforced moisturizing and nourishing action and refined skin texture. New anti-pollution protection. Immediate skin radiance.

Both day and night cream have Teasel extract inside genius capsules that helps with:

Day Cream: Minimizes the impact of daily stress.

 Night Cream:  Absorbs the harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep.


Day Cream:  Minimizes the impact of daily stress, corrects first lines and boosts radiance. Myrothamnus Extract minimizes the impact of daily stress.

Night CreamGolden Poppy Extract and teasel which absorbs the negative effect of late nights and corrects first lines plus boosts radiance.

I highly recommend the Multi-Active Creams and I’m absolutely loving them! They work so beautifully and nourish my skin. They smell amazing and my skin has never felt and looked this good before. Clarins Multi-Active day and night cream has made a big difference. It has helped the overall appearance of my skin by giving me radiance, hydration and nourishment. My skin is revived! I’m absolutely loving the Multi-Active Day and Night cream and I feel that they are truly remarkable.

*The Multi-Active Creams are available for all skin types.


Find the creams at -> CLARINS.CA

Retail Price

Multi-ACtive Day | $52

Multi-Active Night | $55

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*This is not an AD and this post is not sponsored. All opinons expressed are all honest and true.

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    1. Clarins products are amazing! I find they work for my skin and are very gentle. I love how Clarins really caters to all skin types and they always have people guiding you to what is right for your skin. They are truly helpful and really inform you of each product and the benefits. I also love that the products work amazing! I’m absolutely in love with Clarins and my skin is happy also. 🙂 THank you so much for reading my post! have a lovely weekend!

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