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Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Sulfate Free Trio

 Our Volumizing Collagen Bamboo collection helps you to get extra thick, full, strong hair throughout your hair care regimen – from wash to style – to create that big, voluminous, beautifully bouncy hair coveted by women the world over.
– Marc Anthony Stylist Team

3373I kindly received this amazing Trio by Marc Anthony for review purposes and I’ve been using these for over a week now and I’m in love! I truly love this trio. It has made my hair shiny, smooth, silky, soft but also very strong and hydrated. It smells amazing! I find that it gives the right amount of volume without depositing any residue on the hair. I find i’m gliding my hands through my hair a lot because I love how my hair smells and feels. Truly beautiful trio that I highly recommend.

Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Shampoo

Sulfate Free

This shampoo gives my hair full body and makes my hair really soft and clean. The formula is infused with Pro-Collagen which expands and plumps each hair strand and at the same time it gently cleans. The formula also has Biotin and Silica to strengthen and transform fine, weak and flat hair into thicker fuller healthier hair and shine. It is also colour safe.


Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Sulfate Free Conditioner

This conditioner is lightweight and also infused with Pro-Collagen. It works really great and plumps hair. The formula really thickens hair and gives a lot of volume. It is  infused with bamboo, biotin and silica which strengthens the hair and transforms the hair giving strength, fullness and shine. I apply this to my wet hair after shampooing and massage it really well from the tips to my roots. I love how this feels on my hair. Usually conditioners feel slimy and have residue but this feels really good and lightweight.



Volumizing Collagen Bamboo

Thickening Cream

This Thickening Cream is amazing. The consistency is thick but doesn’t feel heavy on the hair. The formula is also plumping with Pro-Collagen which thickens hair and also has bamboo, biotin and silica to strengthen and transform fine, weak, flat hair into thicker, fuller healthier hair with shine. It is perfect for for full volume blowouts. I apply this evenly to damp hair from roots to ends. I massage it in to my root area and blow-dry it to create the max volume. It is amazing! It is light weight and smells amazing. I’ve mentioned in a prior post that third step products usually make my hair greasy and weigh my hair down but this does the opposite! The formula makes my hair voluminous and full.


Overall this trio is wonderful and the formula works really well! I love how the products smell and the results. My hair is fuller and shinier. This trio gives so much volume to my hair but a manageable volume. My hair feels soft and clean and the Conditioners do not weigh my hair down. I love the thickening cream, it hydrates the hair and gives a really beautiful boost. With this trio my hair feels so beautiful, full and voluminous.

I love that Marc Anthony products are sulfate free and how the products really cater to different hair types.  I also love that I don’t have to wash my hair as much. Usually with other products I have to wash my hair every other day. With Marc Anthony hair care products I wash my hair every three to four days and my hair doesn’t get greasy. I’m so pleased and really happy. I highly recommend Marc Anthony haircare and love how they cater to different hair types.

Thank you so much to Marc Anthony for the beautiful hair care products. I highly recommend this Trio and I’m loving the results!

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Have a lovely week!




  1. I want to buy Marc Anthony Voluminizing Bamdoo sulfate free thickening cream in the green tube. How can I purchase this tube


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