Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes -Swatches

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I am really excited to share with you two beautiful eyeshadow palettes and a very nice brow sculpting pencil by Sleek MakeUP.  I’m a huge fan of Sleek MakeUP and I adore their cosmetics. The two eyeshadow palettes are very pigmented and really beautiful. Perfect for day and night. Both Palettes are warm tones and would look beautiful on any skin tone.


Here I have the i-Divine Mineral Base Eyeshadow Palette

“A New Day” 430

Retail Price $11.99

This is a lovely Nude Palette. It is fantastic for every day and you can also use the last colour in the palette to create a darker evening look. Very versatile and beautiful. I’ll be creating a look with this palette very soon.

A New Day i-Divine Palette boasts everything you need for flawless daytime eyes. Think laidback weekends and everyday office chic. -Sleek MakeUP


Starting from the Top Left of the Palette

Sun Is Shining

Bright side


Let it Go

Don’t worry

Be happy

Feelin’ Good

Silver Lining

Shine On

Carpe Diem



My favourite colours from this palette have to be Don’t Worry, Silver Lining and Carpe-Diem.  The shadows are beautiful and soft. They apply very smoothly and are very pigmented. I adore this palette and feel that it would look amazing on all skin tones. A very stunning palette.

a new day swatched 3


Next Palette is the beautiful i-Divine Mineral base Eyeshadow Palette called

“All Night Long”429

Retails for  $11.99

Once the sun goes down, nail going-out glam with All Night Long i-Divine Palette’s warm smokey hues. Features a gorgeous cocktail of rich smokey nudes, sultry beiges, eye-catching golds and shimmering bronzes. -Sleek MakeUP


all night long

Beautiful earth tones don’t you think? I adore Champagne, Spritz and Manhattan. This palette is so stunning!  Again all the Sleek MakeUP Palettes are truly beautiful in colour and formula. They apply and blend really nicely and smoothly. Very beautiful for day and night. I’ll be creating a look with this palette very soon.

From the top left





Kir Royale




Mai Tai




All Night Long Palette




This is the eyebrow pencil and it has a  slanted tip. It is twistable and  fits perfectly on the eyebrow. This comes in 3 shades: light, dark and medium. This is in the colour Medium 717.  The slant really helps shape and fill the brow with ease.

Eyebrow Stylist combines a unique angled pencil on one end, with a styling and blending brush on the other end, to groom brows into place. The innovative calligraphy tip achieves tailor-made strokes from thin to thick for outlining and filling, while the rich creamy formula is matte and velvety smooth for a natural look that lasts. – Sleek MakeUP


Use the flat tip to create a light outline and then with the pointed angled edge, use light, feathery strokes to create the illusion of natural hairs Layer and apply with more pressure to go dark and bold, or use a lighter touch and blend out with the grooming brush to soften for a more natural look. -Sleek MakeUP



I’ll be using the two palettes for various looks this month. I hope you follow my blog for updates. I’ll be posting Sleek MakeUP Lip VIP Semi-Matte Lipstick swatches soon. What kind of makeup looks would you like to see? A spring Makeup look? Let me know. I would love to create a look with both the palettes and the lipsticks. I’ll also be using the Sleek MakeUP EYEBROW STYLIST. Would love to hear your thoughts about the beautiful palettes. Have you tried Sleek MakeUP before? Have a look at their website. Sleek MakeUP.

Thank you to Sleek MakeUP for having me on their blogger program. I’m a huge fan and truly grateful to feature their beautiful cosmetics! Thank you!

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