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Hello everyone! I’m so excited to bring you my haul from

I won on Instagram and my experience on the website was super easy and fun. They shipped my package really fast and the packaging was amazing. They also included a lot of extra goodies! I’m really excited to show you everything. I also tagged three other lovely beauty bloggers that also won! Follow me on IG if you like @bestdayblogger and don’t forget to turn on notifications on IG because you will not be able to see when I upload.

The tree lovely ladies that I tagged are

Cat, Grieta and Krystal-Marie

Here are all the extra samples that they scent me.



Here is my Haul!

I had to select the Bold Metals collection by Real Techniques. They are so soft and beautiful.   I also chose the Real Techniques setting brush. I had to choose the NYC Bronzer because I’ve heard so many good things about it. I also chose three matte lipsticks from the JCat brand. I’ve never heard of the brand before and I can’t wait to try them out.  I had to buy Milani gel powder shadows and NYX Single eyeshadows. I also chose the Moschino UOMO Cologne for my hubby. A lovely peppery spicy scent. Really nice.  I bought a few eyelashes because I want to do a video about learning how to put lashes on. I also chose the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. Really excited to use the sponge because I’ve read great reviews about it.  I also chose the Macaron Lip Balm in Strawberry flavour. I love Macaron’s and I thought it was so adorable!  I also had to select the Milani Fierce Foil Eye shine! I ADORE IT! It shines and glitters so much! img_2468


I’m truly grateful and thank you to for selecting me as the winner. I’m very happy with my selection and love everything. What would you select if you won? I would love to know and follow Blue Scandal on IG. They have giveaways often.

Thank you so much!thank you for visiting blog bottom


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