#ShareBeauty Shiseido Event Toronto

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I was really lucky to be chosen by Dave Lackie to attend Shiseido’s #Sharebeauty Event down town Toronto at the Thompson Hotel. The Hotel is very beautiful and chic! The rooftop is breathtaking and the view of down town Toronto is so stunning!


The evening started on the rooftop with lovely drinks but I was fashionably late with my good friend Cat Forsley from MyLipAddiction.com  as you can see in the photo we are in the taxi running late.


That being said, I skipped the drink and took a moment to look out the window. What a view of the city! It is breathtaking!

By the way on my lips I have Ruby Woo by Mac. My first Mac Lipstick which Cat kindly and generously bought for me. Thank you so much Cat!

We were then escorted to the screening room and I was so amazed!  The screening room is so huge and as you can see in the picture and in the video the room was set up so beautifully by Shiseido. I loved all the details!  The tables were set up with all the beautiful products, flowers on the tables and “Oyster pails” that held cute and colourful popcorn.  The colours of Shiseido everywhere ( my favourite colours red and white) and smiling beautiful faces. Details that made the #sharebeauty experience truly special, memorable and heartfelt.



There was also a makeup artist there to assist us with a skin match for Shiseido’s foundation Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation.  

img_2868Also a Shiseido Skincare Specialist to assist us and test out the products such as the new  IBUKI quick fix mist.  You can see in the video how I tried out the product and I absolutely love it!


Each seat was beautifully decorated and the flowers added beauty and warmth to the room. 


We also had a cute “Oyster Pail”  filled with popcorn because we were about to watch Shiseido’s new Campaign titled #Sharebeauty which I will talk more about because it is truly a beautiful and positive campaign.



Shiseido #sharebeauty is a pay-it-forward campaign that connects people through the power of words and giving. It focuses on a statement which allows a connection to be made with someone you care and love through the power of words and thus connecting our emotions to the powerful and beautiful statement… “You are beautiful to me because…”  

We were given a lovely envelope and in that envelope there was a card that allowed us to express our feelings for someone that we feel is beautiful. Beauty is not only the exterior of a human. Beauty is within and it shines through.


The lovely Elaine Shigeishi is the General Manager of Shiseido Canada. This is the first time meeting Elaine and I must tell you that she is a very inspirational speaker and presenter. Along with Dave Lackie they empower and inspire!

What’s very special about Shieseido is that Beauty is an emotion… beauty has very special feelings and its from beauty within..-Elaine Shigeishi

The first person that I though of for the #sharebeauty message is my mother-in-law,

You are beautiful to me because … you care about others and put others first. You are kind and caring, giving and loving. You are strong and have treated me like your own daughter. You phone me to see how I’m doing and give me hope and love. Thank you for everything you do for me and I love you.  -Maria Medeiros

I also wrote a note to my sister-in-law  Jenny,

You are beautiful to me because… you are truly a caring person and thank you for being so kind to me. You are an amazing mother and take such good care of my mother-in-law. You are amazing and I love you very much.- Maria Medeiros

We also had a big card on our table and I wrote to my amazing friend Cat,

You are beautiful to me because … you are always there for me and encourage me. You are kindhearted and always make me happy and feel good about my self. -Maria Medeiros


After watching the heartfelt footage for the #sharebeauty campaign and getting all emotional teary eyed and in touch with our feelings, we took a break and Thompson Hotel served the most delicious food! It was so nice and mouth watering.  The meat was medium rare and the flavours were so amazing! Love the veggies and also the potatoes! I could go for another plate right now. Mouth watering and very pleasing to the tummy.


Selfie time…


Overall it was a fabulous event filled with positivity and amazing people. It’s always such a pleasure and delight to see Dave Lackie. He brings so much positivity and sunshine to the event. I absolutely adore him and you should totally follow him on all social media. He is amazing! I’m his biggest fan!


It was amazing to meet other bloggers and Twitter friends!

Cat, Connie, Katie, ME and  Chantal

Photo: Credit Katie Silva.img_2857

 Christene  and I in the first photo  &  second and third photo is Chantal and I.

Photo Credit for the second and third picture is Chantal. 🙂 thank you!

The campaign #Sharebeauty is beautiful and helps bring people together. It connects  our feelings and allows our emotions to be expressed through written words. The #Sharebeauty  Shiseido Campaign lets us express our emotions to friends and family thus making special moments unveil.   Thank you Shiseido Canada and thank you Dave Lackie for such a memorable and magical event. Thank you to the amazing and beautiful Thompson Hotel for having us. It was a pleasure and delight! A beautiful event that will stay with me forever!

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Thank you Shiseido for the beautiful gift bag.

It included the IBUKI QUICK FIX MIST

the IBUKI SLEEPING MASK  and the  Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation.

Thank you so much!

You can pick up a lovely #Sharebeauty Card  at any Shiseido location in any  Hudson’s Bay Department. They will send the envelope with your powerful and heartfelt message and a sample of Shiseido’s Ultimune Serum. 

 Share the love!



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