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M∙A∙C Brooke Candy

Available online April 28, 2016

Available in store May 5, 2016 through June 16, 2016


I’m very excited to bring you product images and swatches for the M.A.C Brooke Candy Limited edition Collection.


I kindly received  M·A·C STUDIO NAIL LACQUER in ‘Black Stallion‘ midnight purple (cream), the Lip Pencil in the colour ‘Whirl’, Lipstick in ‘Mind Control’ bright cherry red (amplified) and two M·A·C STUDIO EYE GLOSS in the colours ‘White-Yin’ shimmer white w/multi-coloured pearl and ‘Black-Yang’ black w/red and blue pearl. The packaging for this collection is beautiful. I really love the silver and black.  I also love the black drippings and splatters. Very artistic, creative and expressive.


I will start with my least favourite products. Here I have the two M·A·C STUDIO EYE GLOSSES that are  SRP $23.00 US/$27.50 CAD. The two colours are ‘White-Ying’ and ‘Black-Yang’.

3775The containers are plastic and the lid is silver coated. It has paint splatter on the top. Very beautiful!3776


When I first opened them up they took my breath away! The specs of glitter against the light are truly beautiful! This is ‘White-Yin’ shimmer white w/multi-coloured pearl.3786

This is ‘Black-Yang’ black w/red and blue pearl3785

The formula is really sticky and very difficult to work with. It is like a paste and very hard to move around. It is not a light gel but has the texture of sticky thick paste. I tried to work with a brush and the brush got all sticky and clumped up together. I used my fingers and dabbed it on my eyelids. Every time I dabbed, the skin pulled up when my finger pulled away from my eyelid.


I was very determined to find out how to work with this so I used a natural essential oil! BAM! It worked! The product moved easier and I was able to spread it around with ease.

* TIP: use essential oil to remove the product.


These eye glosses are not my cup of tea. I found them difficult to work with and thank goodness for essential oil! They will give you a wet look but they remain sticky on the face. They don’t dry. I also tried the gloss with eyeshadow on top. It really holds eyeshadow very well. I also used the White-Yin for highlighter on the cheeks and it also remained wet and sticky. The product can be used many ways but I don’t like the fact that it stays wet and tacky.

Here is a picture of me with the eye gloss and the lipliner. As you can see it gives a wet glossy look around the eyes. I didn’t put any mascara on because of how sticky the formula is. On my lips I have the beautiful lip pencil ‘Whirl’ from the #MACBrookeCandy Collection.  It’s a dirty rose colour and I totally LOVE IT!


Here is the Lip Pencil ‘Whirl’ from the Collection. It is beautiful!!!!

It’s a dirty rose / nude colour.

I absolutely adore it. It is so creamy, soft and smooth. It’s also non drying.


3828lip pencil swatch 3837

Here is the beautiful Nail Laquer in the colour ‘Black Stallion’ which is a midnight purple (cream). The first coat is purple and the second coat goes into a nice deep dark purple. I like the formula and I find it a little thicker then usual nail polish. This is the first time trying a M.A.C nail polish. I love the colour, it was easy to glide on and it dried perfectly.





Next I have the stunning and beautiful Amplified Lipstick in the colour ‘Mind Control’ bright cherry red. So creamy, smooth, soft on the lips. Velvety and perfection! I adore this lipstick! This is a MUST have lipstick.  I love the packaging. It is silver with paint splatter on it. I love the shape, of course true to M.A.C shaped bullet lipsticks. A beautiful formula and beautiful colour!


38203822mind control swatch

Here I am wearing the beautiful lipstick. I adore it and it feels luxurious on the lips!

I’m in love with it!


Thank you so much to M.A.C for the PR Samples

I had so much fun using the makeup and sharing it with all of you.

Truly amazing!

Would love to hear your thoughts about this New #MACBrookeCandy Collection.

Please share my post if you like and leave comments. I love comments.

thank you for visiting


12 thoughts

  1. This is way too edgy for me! 😮
    I do like the lipstick and lip liner though – surprisingly very wearable considering the rest of the collection. The eye gloss do NOT sound like something I’d want anywhere NEAR my eyes although the Black-Yang is quite mesmerizing to look at in the pot.
    I’ve not heard of Brooke Candy before – great packaging, for sure. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. The lipstick is amazing and I love the lipliner and nail polish. The eyegloss is something I won’t be wearing. I might try a very small amount with eyeshadow to see how it works. Very tacky formula.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. eye glosses are so beautiful to look at !!!!!!!! i think all i would wear is the lipstick OBVIOUSLY XO and the nail colour – maybe i would try the White yin for a wet eye look – or – maybe it could work as a gloss for the lips ….
        🙂 x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg I love the Amplified formula too! Like butter on the lips. Truly amazing. Yes the eye gloss is very difficult to work with. I’m going to film the products and show how the gloss is. I think a very small amount under eyeshadow might work better. Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

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