‘The Royal Touch’ by Carolyn Robb Published by ACC Editions -REVIEW

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Carolyn Robb, former personal chef to TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry, presents the food that she loves to serve to family and friends; food that is fit for a king, yet accessible to us all. -ACC Distribution

I’m very excited to bring you a very special Feature and Review. Since I was little I had a huge love and admiration for the Royal Family and of course on April 21st the Queen will be turning 90! How amazing is that! Celebration details can be found on the Royal Family Website. Did you know you can send the Queen a Birthday message? With all the Festivities I wanted to bring you this lovely review because this book is magnificent and the recipes are amazing!  I’m truly honoured and excited to present  pictures and images from  ‘THE Royal Touch’ by Carolyn Robb, published by ACC Editions.

Carolyn Robb,  former personal chef to TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry, presents the food that she loves to serve to her family and friends; food that is fit for a king, yet is accessible to us all. Inspired by everything from her mother’s home-cooking, memories of her happy childhood in South Africa and her extensive travels to the extraordinary experiences of 13 years as a chef in the royal household, Carolyn’s recipes are simple to prepare and perfect to share. Whether you are entertaining special guests, going on a picnic, planning a cosy fireside supper, cooking with children or you simply feel like trying your hand at some baking, this book has it all and the ingredients you require won’t break the bank.

-ACC  Distribution


The cook book features beautiful images and easy to follow recipes that are delicious and elegant. The recipes provided in the book have beautiful details and drawings. The photographs are clear and bright. Very elegant and so comforting.



I decided to make one of the recipes and of course I had to try the ‘Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake’. I love orange and marmalade so this recipe stood out for me.


I didn’t have beautiful flowers to put on top of my cake so instead I added an orange. I absolutely love the recipe and my family consumed this in one day!



I really love the details in this cook book. The little sweet illustrations add a lovely touch and make it so pleasing to the eyes.


The Recipes are so easy and simple and the ingredients are affordable.


I love this cook book and feel that it would make a beautiful gift for anyone who loves to cook. Must warn you the pictures will make your mouth water!

I would also like to share with you something very beautiful. There is special little appreciation notes in this cook book from the TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry. How heart warming and endearing! The notes warm my heart because it shows such an enormous appreciation and gratitude toward Carolyn Robb’s cooking. Truly special!



During Carolyn’s time working in the royal household she had unique access to many aspects of the culinary world and in particular some of the world’s most renowned chefs, with whom she worked when she was still only in her early twenties. Her job required that everything she produced was of the very highest calibre and this book clearly demonstrates that perfection in the simplest of food has far greater appeal than food of great extravagance. The recipes in this book are testament to Carolyn’s great love of all things food related, her thirst for ever more culinary knowledge and the very varied experiences of her 25 years as a chef.


Overall I’m truly honoured and grateful to have this book in my household. My family is very happy also because they will enjoy many beautiful recipes from this book.

Thank you so much to ACC DISTRIBUTION for this beautiful book.

I highly recommend it!

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