Eden Foods NEW Instant Miso Soups – Red and White

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I kindly received Eden Foods Instant Organic Miso Soups in Red Miso and White miso for review purposes. I really love Instant soups and really like Miso Soup. Sometimes I like my lunch to be fast and easy because of my schedule. Eden Foods Instant Organic Miso Soups are fast, easy and delicious!


Announcing instant Red and White EDEN Miso Soups. Stunningly delicious, traditional, handmade, and organic. The highest quality possible, strengthening, soothing, freeze-dried cubes, two flavour options. There is no further need to sacrifice taste for convenience. Four eight-gram cubes per box in individual packets. Out of the pantry they are ready in minutes. Easy to have at work, school, while traveling, or anywhere you can add 8 ounces of hot water and let it sit a moment. It is then ready to take or share.

-Eden Foods


I love Miso Soup and I’ve been enjoying it for many years. Each Instant box contains 4 – 0.28 oz / 4 – 8 g of Miso Soup. The retail price is $9.32 according to their website. I love how easy and fast these are to prepare. I love the flavour and so glad that they are Organic.

In each package the Miso Soup comes in a square solid bouillon.


I place my miso soup square in a big mug and fill it with boiling water. When I fill it up the lovely onions and tofu get released in the hot liquid.

Yummy, warm and cozy!


Freeze-dried Instant Miso Soup cubes – four 8 gram miso soup cubes per box. Each makes a nice serving in one minute. Just add 8 ounces of hot water, stir, and allow it to bloom for 1 minute. Traditionally made organic shinshu miso and organic ingredients in handmade miso soup. Freeze-drying best preserves the miso soup’s flavor, nutritional values, color, and aroma. Miso soup subtleties remain unaltered with only the water being gently removed. Organic kuzu, silky cubes of organic tofu, and organic green onion balance, add flavor, texture, and nutrients. Conveniently packaged for quick soothing richness and the benefits of high quality miso soup. Homemade deliciousness, pure and purifying. Great for home, office, school, and travel – anywhere, anytime. A smart pantry item. Zero bad stuff, no MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, or any other untoward chemical additives. Gluten Free. Eden tested Non-GMO. -EDEN FOODS

I really love both soups and especially the Red Miso because it has Wakame Flakes. I really love wakame! I really enjoy both soups because they are flavourful and have texture. Really love how convenient they are and perfect for anytime. Very fast and easy. Love that they has no chemicals, they are gluten free and organic.


Red Miso Soup – Red miso, kuzu, EDEN wakame, green onion (scallions)
White Miso Soup – Rice miso, kuzu, tofu, green onions

All the ingredients are organic by Eden standards, except the EDEN wakame flakes that are the finest we can procure. Organic kuzu, silky organic nigari tofu cubes, organic green onion, and EDEN wakame sea vegetable balance, add appropriate flavour, texture, and nutrients for full flavour and satisfaction, which is guaranteed. Enjoy the homemade flavor and beneficial richness of high quality miso soup. Both the Red and White Miso Soups are tested gluten free to a 5ppm sensitivity, tested Non-GMO, and have zero monosodium glutamate (MSG), autolyzed yeast extract, or any other untoward additives


Thank you to Eden Foods for the most delicous Miso Soup that I’ve ever tasted!

Highly recommended by @bestdayblogger

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  1. You should! It is lovely and the flavour is light and not strong. I really like it and would love to know how you like it. If you taste it let me know! Thank you Joy!


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