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I love a good challenge do you?

Today I’m going to show you the amazing results from my Stayfree Challenge. This is hosted by the lovely and talented blogger Bessos, Sara. Family and Review Blogger. Her blog is  Journeys of The Zoo and her post and challenge results are amazing! Check the results out HERE. Thank you to Bessos Sara for this opportunity.

Lets get started!

 I made a YouTube Video so you an see the process and results of this challenge. I hope you can subscribe to my channel and give the video a thumbs up. I truly appreciate it.


The Stayfree Challenge Kit arrived with the following items:

  • Two bottles, each containing 5ml of blue saline liquid
  • Two blotting sheets
  • Two transparent acetate sheets
  •  Three Stay Free Ultra Thin pads
  • Once placement sheet, indicating where each pad should be placed for the test.


Here are the steps I took to complete the challenge.


Lay everything out on a flat surface.


STEP 2 & 3

Remove a Stayfree Ultra Thin pad from the package, unwrap, remove adhesive tabs on bottom and stick to the Stayfree spot on the  placement paper. Unwrap competitive brand pad, remove the adhesive tabs on the bottom and stick it to its designated spot on the sheet.



Pour 5ml liquid on the centre of the Stayfree Ultra Thin pad.

Screen shot 2016-05-07 at 6.30.22 PM


Wait  30 Seconds to let the liquid absorb.

Step 6

Place blotting sheet on the centre of the Stayfree Ultra Thin pad, then place an acetate sheet over the blotting sheet.

Step 7

Place book on the top of the acetate sheet on the Stayfree Ultra Thin pad and press down gently for five seconds.

Step 8

Remove book and acetate sheet to reveal the results on the blotting sheet.

Step 9

Repeat steps 4-8 with your current brand pad.

Stayfree Results

Truly amazing! The Stayfree pad stayed dry and there was a small dot on the blotting sheet. The spot is so small I can’t even see it. The Stayfree pad really absorbed the liquid and stayed dry on the top.


Competitor Results

The  competitor pad resulted with a lot of stains. Also, the pad on the top still held a lot of moisture. Not a fan of this pad and I will not be using it again.


I’m totally switching to Stayfree pads because I like to have a pad that absorbs and keeps me dry and stain free. Thumbs up for Stayfree pads!


Stayfree Ultra Thin pads, with Thermocontrol technology and flexible-fit design, offer a unique combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body throughout the day. Inspired by high performance athletic fabrics, Stayfree ultra thin pads help keep you dry with exceptional protection and comfort. – Stayfree

This is hosted by the lovely and talented blogger Bessos, Sara.

Family and Review Blogger

Journeys of The Zoo

Blog: http://www.journeysofthezoo.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JourneysofTheZoo2

Twitter: http://twitter.com/zoojourneys

Instagram: http://instagram.com/journeysofthezoo

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/journeyofthezoo

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/journeysofthezoo

Thank you so much!


*This is not sponsored or an AD. This kit has been provided for review/challenge purposes.

2 thoughts on “#StayfreeChallengeContest – Bestdayblogger

  1. Just goes to show you that bigger and longer isn’t always better and drier!

    I originally did this challenge two years ago and after the results, I changed to Stayfree and have never looked back.

    Thank you so much for participating in this challenge and sharing your results.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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