My First Pedicure Ever!

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On the weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to visit myspa thanks to Christine the author of  I’m truly grateful because I got my first pedicure ever! The experience was wonderful and I’m here to share it with you.

Myspa is located on 625 Liverpool Road, Pickering, Ontario. The area is really lovely. It has restaurants and stores. You can grab a bite to eat and also have some ice cream. It’s a great area for children because it has many activities kids can do. They have a playground for children, beach volleyball and a small water park. 4728

The moment I walked in to myspa I was greeted  by the sweet and wonderful Lesley and offered a beverage. I was a little too early so I took a walk on the boardwalk down by the beach and came back. I was asked if I wanted a tea and I kindly accepted.


The music in the background was soothing and the decor, colours and energy at myspa were calming and relaxing. Lesley is a Spa Therapist and she performed my pedicure. She was so amazing!  She is kind and very professional. The service she provided was perfection! I soaked my feet in pleasant warm water for a little while and then Lesley cleaned my nails and trimmed them.


She applied oil and wrapped warm towels around my feet. So soothing and relaxing.


She then massaged my legs and feet with essential oil that smelled delicious! So soothing to the senses. I then realized how much tension I had on my legs and feet. My legs felt so soothed and light after the massage. After that she proceeded by painting my toe nails with OPI nail polish in the colour ‘A great Opera-Tunity’. Indeed this whole experience at myspa was a great opportunity and I’m truly grateful. Especially at a place like myspa. A beautiful spa that I highly recommend.



I would like to thank Christine for having the giveaway on her IG. I’m truly grateful and I would like to say thank you to Lesley for giving me my first pedicure. It was amazing. My toes and feet never looked better. I also won a trip to the salon! I can’t wait to bring you that story next month when I visit Erin Melinda Hair Studio! Very excited!


Thank you to myspa for the best treatment and service anyone could imagine! My feet feel great and they look fantastic! They also kindly gifted me with a beautiful dermalogica daily microfoliant. It is amazing! Also YONKA Paris Lotion Invigorating Mist. I’ve been using these two for a couple of days and I’m crazy about them already.


myspa can be reached at the following links

Thank you again!

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