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Little Life Box

« We believe in taking one healthy step at a time, decisions we can live with and feel good about making. No pressure, no fads. Changing one old habit at a time, making changes when we can. We’ve always, since we can remember, been health-curious. Trying out all sorts of new, natural products, new recipes, new types of exercise for mind and body. Dealing with intolerances to certain foods and compensating with others became a stepping stone to just eating better things, craving the natural, slowly shunning the corrupt, little by little. »

– Chelsea & Suzanne


I’m very excited to bring you my first ‘Little Life Box’. This is a Canadian Subscription company based in Montreal. The box is filled with amazing healthy choices for snacking and some wellness products as well. I’ve always wanted a subscription box and especially a healthy and nutritious one and I’m so happy this opportunity has come a long. I have to say a huge thank you to Joy for thinking of me and guiding me to join Little Life Box.  Because of Joy I had my article/recipe published on Little Life Box Blog and now I have received my first box! Truly grateful and would like to say a huge thank you to Joy. I would also like to say thank you to Little Life Box for being so amazing and publishing my recipe. I love making healthy snacks for my daughters.


That thrill of a surprise gift and the happiness of great new discoveries. Recharge your lifestyle with Little Life Box, from a family-owned company that values supporting healthy, ethical products which will help shape our future. A mother and daughter duo from Montreal whose mission is to encourage better living by sending a beautiful little box full of healthy nutrition & beauty items to your door every month”

Little Life Box

I bring you the June Little Life Box!


 This is truly unbelievable! Everything in the June box is amazing! Two full size healthy Bars. A coconut lemon Simply Protein Bar and CLIF Organic bar that I’ve already eaten! lol I will be buying the CLIF bar again. I love the cherry, almond dark chocolate combo. I just really enjoyed the CLIF bar. Really satisfying and delicious!


This is Gourmet Melange and it smells so delicious and tastes really great! If you like fruit bits and nuts this is fantastic as a snack but also as a salad topper! Very delicious and healthy!


I love Four O’Clock Tea! I already had two cups of it and I really love it! The aroma is soothing and the taste is fantastic!


The Three Farmers Chickpeas are crunchy and at the same time sweet. I’m Canadian so I love Maple on everything! The chickpeas have a powdery texture on top of them and I love the hint of sweetness. Really delightful snack. I love chickpeas!


I absolutely love these Crunchy Rob’s Brand popcorn. If you like coconut, you will love these. I’m a huge coconut lover so these were soooo yummy!


I love products that have no aspartame. All the gum in the stores have aspartame and I don’t buy them. This pur brand also has gum which I’ve purchased before and I like them. I really like these pur mints. These are going in my purse. They make my breath fresh and lovely.


In the June Little Life Box there’s also four wellness products. One is SBT Soothing Salve, a Lavender Relaxing Body oil from WELEDA and Beekeeper’s Naturals Throat Relief.  How amazing are these products! I never knew that Beekeeper’s is Canadian. I love Canadian products especially ones that help promote awareness about Bees. It’s important to take good care of our skin this summer and the sunburn soothing salve will help if there’s a chance of a sun burn. I’ve been looking for a lavender relaxing body oil to help with my sleep so I’m so happy to try Weleda!


Also in the June Little Life Box there’s a handmade bathbomb that smells like a field of roses! Truly beautiful! 4789

Included are some lovely coupons and informative bits and bobs.4787

If you would like to purchase a subscription with Little Life Box  you can check out my referral link.  Have you tried a subscription box before?

What are your thoughts about Little Life Box? 

I absolutely love it! I am so happy!

Little Life Box Blog | Twitter | IG | MY REFERRAL LINK

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