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Calling all Katy Kats! Our new Katy Kat Demi-Matte Lipstick is a purr-fect collection of velvety soft and luscious-feeling lipsticks with a demi-matte finish created by the one-and-only Katy Perry.
With 11 shades in all, discover a new matte lip look you’ll love that’s not flat or dry.


First and foremost I would like to say a huge thank you to Covergirl for this amazing and special package. It is stunning and I adore every single lipstick. I love everything about the lipsticks and the mascaras are amazing!! Thank you so much Covergirl!


Very happy to be writing this post because I love Covergirl and Katy Perry so I’m totally delighted and enthusiastic to bring you all the lipstick swatches. I adore the formula of the #KatyKatMatte Lipsticks. They are the perfect formula. Not dry and the most perfect semi-matte formula. I love the packaging as well. The lipstick packaging on the exterior has a rubbery feel to it which I like.


They are so unique then any other lipsticks that I have. The colours are perfect for all seasons and I love how the colour KP11 Perry Panther can be used to darken any lipstick and make any makeup look very dramatic! I also love every single colour they come in and they are all wearable, long lasting and beautiful. Have you seen my blog post from the Katy Perry Covergirl Launch? Just incase you haven’t here it is.#KATYxCOVERGIRL LAUNCH TORONTO


I really love all the colours and I’m here to share every single one with you and the swatches as well. There are 11 lipsticks in total and they are lettered KP and then the number starting with 01. The formula is a Semi-Matte. These are non drying and feel beautiful on the lips.











Perry Blue Mascara and Black Mascara

A lovely blue colour. I adore this mascara.



Black Mascara


Both of the mascara’s are really great and I love the wand and bristles. The formula is great and the packaging very my style. Minimalistic and simple. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it was helpful with all the swatches. I also hope you enjoyed the video. Would love to know what colours you like best. Do you have any of the #KatyKatMatte Lipsticks? Would love to know which ones. 

Thank you so much Covergirl!


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