Summer Lookbook 2016!

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I’m here to be honest about how I feel about my body and clothing. Growing up I was a very thin child and enjoyed plain simple clothing. I never really had a love for shopping. I would just wear things that were given to me or just comfortable to wear. My mother enjoyed dressing me up and she taught me about pretty accessories, outfits, dresses and skirts. I enjoyed dressing up. It was so much fun. Sometimes my mom would pick outfits for me that I hated. This one time I had to have my passport picture taken and my hair was so short and my mother dressed me up in a jump suit with sandals. I was miserable. I hated that outfit and my hair too. Thinking about it now makes me laugh.

I also was made fun of when I was younger about the clothing that I wore. Kids can be so cruel. I wish bullying never existed but it does and maybe that’s the reason I hated clothing and didn’t want to be bothered by it. I never had the trending clothing back then. No polo, tretorns or anything with a expensive logo. Actually I did get hand-me-downs of tretorns! I remember not liking them at all. I just looked up Tretorns and they still are available! omg hahaha

In junior high I managed to buy NIKE for the very first time! Yes! Basketball shoes, t-shirt and basketball shorts. I loved basketball and still do. They also had to be Michael Jordans. They had to be right? LOL  So it wasn’t that I didn’t like name brands it was that I couldn’t afford them. To be honest it doesn’t bother me that I didn’t have those pieces of clothing that other people did. Sometimes I laughed because those popular items didn’t really look good on those people and just because something is popular or trending doesn’t mean that it will look good on you.

So growing up I never really enjoyed fashion. Junior high was horrible and high school got a little easier for me thanks to my best friend at the time. She took me shopping and made me try on clothing and told me what looked good and what didn’t. She also taught me how to check out fashion magazines and cut out things I liked. Thank goodness for her because I was able to start enjoying dressing up a bit more. My love for clothing really blossomed when I started Theatre. Theatre history really showed me the beauty of clothing and fashion.

Even though I have started to enjoy clothing a bit more I still haven’t figured out what my style is. Sometimes I might think something looks good but in fact it doesn’t. Also what clothing is appropriate for my age? Is there such a thing? I have no idea! It has been a very big struggle. After having two children my body has changed a lot. Curves are where there were no curves before! Not a bad thing at all but just different. I’m still not fully okay with my body. I know that I would like to tone it up a lot and loose the pregnancy weight. I would like to feel like I use to. I know I can do it and I will. I’m not saying being a plus size is bad but for me I would like to go back to what I was before having kids. Also I would like to be healthier and feel good too.

I hope you enjoyed my story and how I feel about my body. I’m working on loving my body no matter what and giving my body the best nutrition possible. I’m also working on finding clothing that I enjoy wearing and that feel comfortable.












What are your thoughts about the pieces that I’ve chosen? Which outfit do you like best? What are some tips you would give me when shopping? Do you enjoy clothes shopping? Do you shop online or go in the store?

I found it harder to shop online because I found my self questioning if the product would fit properly. I’m happy that I walked into Old Navy and grabbed a bunch of outfits and tried them on. I actually picked the wrong sizes at first and then some things that I chose online didn’t fit the way I thought they would. So for me the best option is to try them on in the store.

Overall I’m very happy that I’ve expressed my self in this blog post.  It makes me really happy that I’m moving forward and loving my body no matter what. I’m also looking forward to exploring more fashion and style. Thank you all for being here and reading my post. Would love to hear what you think. ending blog post


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  1. you know what xxxxxxxx there is this awesome song from Soundgarden – it’s really old – called rusty cage – super loud and super what you did ….. xo Play it loud xo Love xoxoxoxox Shine on xxx

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  2. I love that Old Navy dress on you!
    Thanks for sharing your story – I’m happy that you’re embracing fashion and having fun with it. You only have ONE body – use it, enjoy it, love it. 🙂

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