ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant -REVIEW

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This is the first time trying Arm & Hammer toothpaste and I must tell you that I’m truly pleased with it. I really love the minty flavour and freshness that it leaves in my mouth. The freshness stays in the mouth for a long time. This toothpaste really cleans my teeth better then any toothpaste I’ve ever used. I’m not just saying this to sell you the product. I really love this toothpaste and I’ll be purchasing this again. I tried my old toothpaste after using ARM & HAMMER for a few weeks and I disliked my old toothpaste. So I’m going to continue using ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean and Fresh and I highly recommend it.

Introducing a fresh, new cleaning sensation! Powerful whitening cleansers give teeth an amazing deep clean plus an invigorating surge of spearmint for long-lasting freshness. Look and feel truly radiant today! Four different cleaning agents whiten and clean teeth. Three unique freshening agents help provide a crisp mint flavor for long-lasting fresh breath. Cleans deep and strengthens tooth enamel. Fresh from the Dentist Feeling of Clean – ARM & HAMMER

ARM & HAMMER Truly Radian Clean & Fresh toothpaste has baking soda in it and I feel this ingredient really helps get into the gum area that other toothpastes don’t. I had a visit to my dentist recently and she said that my gums are not bleeding as much after my usual visits. I feel this is because of ARM & HAMMER toothpaste along with flossing every other day.


It may surprise some to learn that baking soda is actually the least abrasive material for polishing and cleaning teeth. That’s why it’s always been considered such a healthy choice in oral care. By dissolving into fine particles, baking soda gets into areas deep between teeth and along the gum line that other toothpastes can’t reach. It also penetrates into the tiny crevices in tooth enamel to dissolve intrinsic stains. Baking soda in toothpaste not only has ample scientific support, it has a proven track record. As the maker of ARM & HAMMER toothpaste, we’ve been pro-baking soda for over 100 years. Today, dental professionals are realizing that baking soda remains a near-perfect ingredient for toothpaste because of its biological compatibility, ubiquitous nature and especially its low abrasivity. -ARM & HAMMER


I’m very happy with the toothpaste and I’m going to continue using it. I absolutely love the freshness it leaves in my mouth and I love the smooth finish it gives my teeth. It has made my teeth whiter and my smile more radiant!  I highly recommend it! Give it a try and let me know if you see a difference with your teeth. I know it made my teeth look and feel great!

Thank you to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers and thank you to the PR for the amazing Sample. I’m loving my new toothpaste!

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