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Quo by ORLY is coming out with new nail polishes that are called ‘Breathable’ Treatment + Colour. There  are 18 shades available and I have three beautiful summer shades to show you. The treatment + colour formula is incredible! The formula allows oxygen and hydration to pass through promoting nail growth and increasing nail thickness thus helping heal damaged nails.


The tree colours that I have from left to right are ‘Just Breathe’ a beautiful lilac colour, ‘Light as a feather’ a beautiful creamy soft white and ‘beauty essential’ a beautiful bright orange red. I really adore the colours and they are perfect for summer. I also love the bottles. They are a lovely shape and size. I love the handle because it is rubber and easy to grip. The formula is truly incredible and feels very soft on the nail when it is dry.


Advance oxygen technology allows air and hydration to penetrate to the nail. The polish formula has Argan oil, vitamin B5 and Vitamin C which helps promote hydration and heal the damaged nails while stimulating nail growth. All-in-one product formulation with adhesion promoters and shine additives eliminates the need for a base coat and topcoat.  -99% of women tested saw a noticeable difference in the overall health and appearance of their nails. -They felt their nails were stronger and healthier after using breathable for 1 week. experienced measurable faster nail growth. -Experienced less chipping and peeling -50% of the testers reported that the breathable formula lasted longer on their nails. -10 our of 10 nail technicians felt the formula was easier to apply & Control. -QUO by ORLY

Here are all the shades that will be available by the end of this month or maybe in the beginning of August. Each nail polish is $10.99 What shade catches your eye? These will be available at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Quo by ORLY Breathable TLC

‘The Antidote’

Quo by ORLY Breathable The Antidote

‘Stronger then Ever’


Quo by ORLY Breathable Stronger Than Ever


Quo by ORLY Breathable Rehab

‘Power Packed’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Power Packed

‘Pick Me Up’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Pick-Me-Up

‘Pamper Me’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Pamper Me

‘Nourishing Nude’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Nourishing Nude

‘Nail Superfood’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Nail Superfood

‘Love my Nails’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Love My Nails

‘Light as a Feather’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Light as a Feather

‘Just Breath’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Just Breathe

‘Happy Healthy’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Happy & Healthy

‘Give Me a Break’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Give Me a Break

‘Breathable Fresh Start’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Fresh Start

‘Feeling Free’Quo by ORLY Breathable Feeling Free

‘Beauty Essential’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Beauty Essential

‘Barely There’

Quo by ORLY Breathable Barely There

I am very excited because my nails definitely need all the help they can get. Now I can wear nail polish that helps promote healthy nails and lets my nails breathe. What an amazing formula!


So I tried two shades on and I adore them! The handle is truly incredible because it has grips and it fits nicely in the hand. The brush is the perfect length and size. It is rounded and fits on my nails perfectly. The  formula glides on nicely and two coats is all you need. 70


Here I’m wearing the colour ‘Just Breathe’ I adore this colour. It is so pretty. Don’t mind my dish hands and my nails definitely need this formula. I’m so happy I received these for review purposes because my nails are weak from washing too many dishes. Now I can definitely get my nails feeling stronger and healthier. 29

Here I am wearing ‘Light as a Feather’ a beautiful soft creamy white colour. I adore this colour and it is truly pretty. I am really in love with these nail polishes and really love the benefits of the formula. Who doesn’t want stronger healthier nails? Plus all the colours are truly beautiful. I’m very happy and highly recommend Quo by ORLY Breathable Treatment + Colour because it = healthier and stronger nails! 065

Thank you so much to the PR Company for the samples!




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3 thoughts on “NEW! Quo by ORLY Breathable Treatment+Colour

  1. I always talk about not wearing nail Polish to let my nails breathe… Now you tell me I can let them breath WITH polish on? Thank you Orly! & Maria for delivering such brilliant news haha.

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