CLARINS Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

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I’m very exited to bring you the new Clarins Fall 2016 Make-up collection!

Volume, volume, volume! Ready to amaze?

It’s all about you! –CLARINS

The new collection is for a more intense, magnified and captivating look..The collection emphasizes the eyes with two novelties, for an Autumnal make-up that will amaze you! There are 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palettes. There is 01 nude, 02 Rosewood (which I have) and 03 brown.  Clarins reinvents its eyeshadow palette in a wet & dry texture that combines a modular make-up result to a reinforced skin care. Enriched with vegetal extract, carnauba wax, the 4-colour eyeshadow palette smoothes eyelids and brings to them colour and light from the first application.

$43.00 Eyeshadow Palette


Supra Volume Mascara

If you love volume you are going to love the new Mascara Supra Volume! Clarins laboratories have developed a new “Volume booster” complex. An unprecedented combination of key ingredients that help thicken lashes and with repeated application, increase the volume. lashes are also strengthened through the action of the panthenol contained in the formula. The results are immediately thicker and very black lashes that give the eyes a whole new dimension. The Mascara comes in 01 Black Permanent shade and 02 Brown which is a limited edition.



Thank you so much to Clarins for the beautiful makeup. I’m totally loving both eyeshadow palette and the mascara. If you would like to see how I use the eyeshadow palette have a look at my latest video. GRWM Everyday Makeup. 

I love Clarins! just had to express my feelings. 😉



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