MAC It’s A Strike Swatches #MACItsaStrike


M∙A∙C Its a Strike!

Available online August 18, 2016

Available in-store August 18 through October 13, 2016


I’m very excited to show you three swatches from the “It’s A Strike” MAC Collection that will be available on August 18th. I am really loving the colours. If you would like to see the entire collection have a look at my INFO post. MAC It’s A Strike! INFO #MACItsaStrike

‘Bowlarama’ is a beautiful eyeshadow. It’s a bright lime green (satin). I adore how bright and vibrant it is. This is perfect to give a little colour to the eyelid and you don’t have to make the colour really bold. You can just add a little. This is what I love about bright eyeshadows. You can control how much you put on.

I was talking to my niece this weekend and she said that she doesn’t know how to put eyeshadow on because a lot of the makeup gurus put different ones and on different places on the eyelid and this confuses her. I told her that she doesn’t need to put many layers of different colours on. I told her that sometimes it is really nice and simple to just put one colour on. I wanted to explain to everyone that you don’t need to do what makeup gurus do! You don’t need to do that to enjoy a simple eyeshadow.  So my message to you all, don’t be afraid of eyeshadow. Don’t mix too many colours if you don’t know how. It’s great to explore of course and practice at home but If you don’t feel comfortable just use one colour you like and that’s it. It is simple and easy. Don’t make it complicated. Just a little advice. I feel a little pop of colour on the eyelid is just perfect and it doesn’t have to be a lot. It can be a little. So get your favourite colour and pop it on top!

SRP: $16.00 US/$19.00 CAD


Here is a swatch of “Bowlarama”


Here I have two beautiful lipsticks. On the left is “Babes and Balls” a deep burgundy (matte) and on the right is an (online exclusive) “Liquid Lurex” a tarnished gold (dazzle).


Swatches for these beauties:

SRP: $17.00 US/$21.00 CAD118

I adore both lipsticks and love the wine colour of “Babes and Balls”. It is so rich, dark and beautiful.  I also adore the “Liquid Lurex” because you can wear it on its own or put it on top of another lipstick. It has fine glitter and it sparkles beautifully! Letting you know the sparkle will transfer on your hands and mouth if you touch it or lick it. But It’s a fine glitter so you can’t even feel it. It’s not gritty or harsh. It feels light and smooth.


Both of these lipsticks are amazing. I feel that both colours will be wonderful for Autumn and the Christmas Holidays. They are the perfect holiday colours of red dark wine and gold. So get yours when they come out because I don’t know how long they will last since they are a part of the “It’s A Strike!” Collection.


So my overall thoughts, you don’t need too many colours on the eyelid. Don’t make things complicated. Just use one pop of colour. POP IT ON TOP!  Keep it simple and allow the colours of the products to stand out on their own. you don’t need a lot you just need the right stuff. 😉 So my friends, I adore these three samples that I kindly received. I highly recommend them and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy a little colour with simplicity. You don’t have to do what other people do with makeup unless you like it or feel comfortable doing so. Have fun and keep it simple. Let the colour be bold or tone it down to your liking.

Have a beautiful week!

Stay humble and stay happy!

 it’s hot here so stay hydrated too.

Peace love and happiness my friends!

ending blog post


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